Saturday, December 25, 2010

Abu Dhabi-Muscat-Abu Dhabi in a day..

Yesterday I went to Muscat, Oman coz my visa had problem. (Still remember bout that? I had mention in my previous entry).. The flight is at 1.30pm. We reach airport at nearly 12noon.. While waiting, these are some picture that took at Abu Dhabi International Airport.. The airport is so beautiful. But it is still under a major construction work..

Soon, it is time to board the flight.. This flight took us bout 1 hour to reach Muscat. We are flying with Oman Air They also serve some food for us. I remember, with Airasia, everything is not free.. But can we compare Oman Air and Airasia.. Not a suitable competitor I guess... The scenery from the top is marvelous.. Here are some pictures..

Than we landed at Muscat international airport at about 3pm. The things here are quit expensive if we convert into UAE Dirham. 1 rial oman = 10 uae dirham. So, we decided to just stay in the airport and wait for our flight back to Abu Dhabi. There is nothing much at the airport.

I brought a novel with me, so im occupied in reading it.. Suddenly, I just feel like miss Dear Hubby.. =( you know when we are reading the romantic novel and we are involved with the characters.. huhu.. Dear Hubby, Lovely Wife is missing you la..

Later, before the departure time, I bought a pictorial book about Oman. It cost me RO18.5 or Dhs185. Will mention about this in another entry.. Then it is the time to go back.. when we landed in Abu Dhabi, I have to do eye screening and to settle bout my visa..soon, by 10pm, everything is settled..
Owh, did I mention to you that I have to carry this heavy beg with food stuff in it?! It is so heavy!! Lucky we did not go out from the airport. Otherwise, I think im going to break my back bone. We brought a lot of food but only eat a bit..  When we got home, im so exhausted. My whole body is in pain.. I just go straight to the bed and sleep soundly..

I think my beg is Soo super duper heavy is coz I took a lot off the free magazines at the airport.. =(