Tuesday, November 30, 2010


this is my office where i do my practical training...

this is my place.. it is right in front of the door.. i cant do something naughty here..

and this is the pantry

Sunday, November 28, 2010


1st outing or shopping in Abu Dhabi = 16 dirhams

International Date Palm Festival



I rested well last night. I woke up at 5.30am and it is still very dark. Go to sleep again. Woke up at 6.30am.. the house is still so quite. Again, go to bed. Finally woke up at 7.30am. cant sleep anymore. 

So happy to receive sms from hubby.  Try to sms mom but did not get through. And the credit is also finishing. Later ask hubby to top up for me. Don’t know what to do. Just lie down on the bed. Im thinking of arranging my stuff in the cupboard provided.

So I woke up and start to unpacked. Try to do it slowly as roommate is still sleeping. Then I took a shower at about 9am. The toilet was damn beautiful and clean. Thanks to roommate as she must be the one that clean it up. Later I went downstairs to have my breakfast. Meet one of the housemate ~ kak Fuzaimah. She is married with 2 kids. All of them stay in 1 room. At that time she is cooking the spaghetti. I try to heat up the “rendang” that my mom cooked the day before. I eat it with rice. I was so hungry at that time. Luckly I brought the “rendang” with me.

Then I go up to my room and roommate had already woke up =) finally… we had a light chat.. only to find out that her husband do know my husband. And I also know some of her frens.. heheh what a small world rite?? Im quit relieve as I think I have a connection with dear roommate. Not a totally stranger I guess. =) owh btw her name is Nurul Aini, a name that I had already known a month before I come here..

Then later she asked me to eat with her. And I eat for the second time. Owh I forgot to mention about my housemate…

My room consists of me and aini. Next door, Mr Aizam or nizam – not so sure about his name. he stay alone here. Then kak Fuzaimah, her husband and the two kids. Kak Fathiyah in the other room. Downstairs got two rooms. One for the maid (kak Fuzaimah’s) and the other room is for the two boys ~ sham and don’t know the name of the other one.  So, there are eleven of us stay in 1 villa. I wonder how much does it cost to rent the villa.. hmmm

Later, at 2pm, I eat again. Hmm.. I already eat 3 times by 2pm?? Owh gosh.. then kak Fathiyah decided to take me and aini to the palm date festival at Abu Dhabi national exhibition center (ADNEC).. will have a separate entry about it k..

p/s: when im writing this entry, dear roommate is watching “kuch kuch hota hai”….waa feel like crying.. 

Friday, November 26, 2010


25| nov|2010

Finally d day has come. Im going to fly in few hours time. So nervous as this is the first time I travel alone abroad. Owh and I’m stress out as there are few things that I had to do today!!! Waa stres2.. Lucky there is hubby by my side to cool me down (or I rather say to scold me when I act like a small kid.. hehehe) ok.. So first I list up all the things that need to be done.. 

-pack the beg
-clean up the room
-go to the money changer to change money
-put `manik’ on the jubah
-change d glasses

Then finally, everything is done.. fuh.. I even got time to watch d Korean drama that I follow daily.. no wonder la hubby got so mad.. hehe.  

Then I got ready to leave and we left home at 5.15pm if I’m not mistaken. Still have to go to our house in putrajaya as I have to take an important book (research methodology) that I totally forgot. Off we go there.. Soon after that, we speed up to the airport. Owh.. Just imagine if I miss the flight.. =)

Then we reach at the airport about 6.30pm.. We go straight to counter A. my mom n sister arrived later. I’m going with Etihad airways.. while lining up, there are so many arabs – it is their home country anyways.. there are few m’sian Chinese etc. I wore my black abaya. Feel like one of the arabs too..  LOL.. 

I had two bags to check in, but they weight 30kg and I suppose to only bring 23kg.. so I can only check in the big bag which is 22.8kg.. Luckily that bag is not over weight. So the other bag I have to carry with me as a hand luggage. Waaa.. it is quit heavy and no hubby to help me carry it..

I did not manage to take pictures as im quit in rush. (regret it a lil bit) then after check in, we have to say goodbye already.. and I bet it is the hardest time.. tim just try to be strong although it is tough.. (want to be a Daring Women like Soon Young..  =) 

Then off I go to the bus stop. The train is currently out of service.. have to walk all the way with the big bag.. don’t even think of taking photos as I’m afraid I will miss out the flight.. hehehe

Soon as I enter the flight, I can breath with ease.. but no fun la to travel alone.. im all alone with no one to talk to. But I guess I just have to be strong and just do it without thinking so much.

I waited quit long in the plane as I walk so fast just now.. =) the fight is nice. The computer /tv in front of us r quit up to date and even have touch screen. Owh there r also a recitation of dua before we travel. And the air stewardess are very pretty as usual.. so, by 8.30pm the plane start to move. To the far2 away land.. owh not that far la.. it is a direct flight.

Later, I try to use the device in front of me (don’t know the actual name of it).. there are a lot of new film such as Salt, and a lot more to be mention here. So I decided to watch a french movie. Cant remember the name, but it mean the Wedding cake. Quit a nice one. Then they serve food – beef with tomato rice. After that I continue to watch another movie. “Ketika cinta bertasbih 2” it is an indonesian movie. It is more like a man in his afford to fine a wife.. the movie is so so but it is sad at some scene..

After 7 hours journey, I reach Abu Dhabi safely.  The time different is, Abu Dhabi is late than Malaysia about 4 hours. So, now is 12am and Malaysian time is 4am. Here, I have to carry that heavy bag again.. gosh.. walk and walk till I find the visa collection counter. Have to collect my visa first. They give it to me then latter they said that it is expired. I know that they r wrong as the company wont be so careless to make such mistake but im tired to say anything. So there give a visitor’s stamp. Which mean I can only stay for 30days.. hmmm..

The bag are also out for collection. On my way out I spotted Ms Fathiyah – the person that had assisted me since in Malaysia. She will email me and try to explain things so that I will have a clear idea on things that I have doubt in my mind.. Thanks Ms..

she is at the same age with my mom I think. Or may b a bit younger. She looks energetic. She’s a nice lady and asks me to call her “kakak”. At night there are nothing to look out for. So I cant really find out how Abu Dhabi look like. I also find out that the working day in the company is 6 days and Friday is a day off. Hmm 

soon we reach the villa that I will be staying in. wow.. it is such a big house like the arabian style. Dunno how to describe it but will take some pictures later. I had been told that there about 5 rooms and there is also a family stay in one of the room. But the house is nice.. really nice.

My room is also cute, big and perfect. I share the room with the other girl but she already sleep when I open the door.. I put my things, change and just off to bed. To tired to even think about anything. But im glad that I make this decision. Million thanks to dear hubby for being so supportive and understanding to let me go..  please come he soon as dear wife is missing you..

I still have my credit (phone), so I sms hubby and it cost me RM2.. it is quit expensive. But when hubby topup for me I can still get it. Sorry dear fren as I cant sms all of you. I even try to sms my mom but cant get though.. will try to get the password of the internet later so that can FB and also skype..

p/s cant believe it that I had wrote this long.. hope this spirit to write will not last in a few days time.
And im glad that I know lil bit of arabic as the people talk to me in arabic at the airport!! Or is it coz I look like 1??!! LOL

Friday, November 19, 2010

lets start packing!!!

Im going to travel in few days time.. so lazy to start packing my stuff.. still have a few things to buy..

owh i found this picture while goggling around.. so cute isn't it??

Dear hubby, please come and help me... =( 


please meet neko @ koko @ panchito @ baby boy 
our one and only cat..
he will only eats, sleeps, and stare at the neighboring cats..

Im gonna miss u baby boy...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

birthday + eid = double happiness

today is actually my birthday.. 
waa.. im so old already...

we just do a few visiting here and there..
and sum shopping..

got a surprise birthday present from dear hubby..
thanks alot sayang.. it means alot to me..


당돌한 여자 aka Dangdolhan Yeoja aka Daring Women

this is the drama that i am into now!!

Ji Soon Young loses her husband, Wang Se Joon, in a tragic accident. She is left alone to take care of their adopted daughter. She meets and falls in love with Han Kyu Jin, who just happens to be the father-in-law to her former sister-in law, Wang Se Bin. Their lives changes when Soon Young marries Kyu Jin and becomes Se Bin’s mother-in-law. They have to adjust to their new roles in their family and at the same time try to get along with each other.

happy watching for those who are also into this drama.. =)

안녕 (an nyung) ...


im just a simple muslim gurl..
currently staying in Malaysia..
already married..
loves to watch Korean drama alot..
loves to travel and also reading..
had a pet name NEKO.. owh he is a cat by the way..
that's all for now.. =)