Thursday, July 28, 2011

old building in Maxwell Road..

These are some of the old building in Maxwell Road, Singapore. The government really preserve the old building so that they look clean and almost brand new. I just love walking along the street. It feels as if I'm walking in the British Colonial long time ago..

 The heritage that is still preserved by the government..

 The mixture of heritage and modern touch..

 The back street was also clean!!! There is no bad smell either..

 The passage or pavement..

This one look like the one in Kuala Lumpur..

 And this one look like the one Malacca..

 The nation is made up of its past..

We wont be in our position now without our past..

They are just endless of rows of old2 building..

Changi Airport..

Have you heard about Changi Airport? I bet most of you already known where is Changi Airport right? It is located in Singapore. It is also a well known airport for its good services of a world class etc. For those of you who have not been there, below are some pics captured specially for you..

 The view of Singapore from the sky. Beautiful isn't it?? Full with lights..

 Welcome to Changi Airport..

 Wow!! so many language.. Just to describe about the drinking water =)

 Again.. the toilet without the water to wash up.. don't forget you plastic bottle..

 So cute and different!!

 there are alot of Bangladesh people. May be they are the foreign people.. or are they the permanent resident?!

 the train that will take you to the arrival terminal..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

outing alone..

Last Friday, I went out shopping alone around KL. It had been quit sometimes since my last outing alone. It was quit fun I would say. Actually I want to find out some reading material regarding handing preschool children. There are a lot of good materials in Kinokuniya but you can guess the price. It was so expensive!! There is one thin book which cost you more than RM200. It was imported after all. Phew.. ok enjoy the pics!!

 see.. there are alot of books for the teachers. I really had a hard time to choose the books..

 had my brunch alone.. I just love this fries shaker!!

 These are the few books that i bought on that day..

 and some are for my own leisure reading..

 I had some times to look at the material too. all of them are bright and colorful right?! after all, i am going to attract the kids!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

let kids be kids..

How was your weekend my dear readers? Hope you had a good break!! I had a good break too. I had spent the weekend with my family members in shah alam. Today, I’m going to show my new work place. And I would like to introduce you my anak2 or my kids!! They are just so cute aren’t they?!

this the website by the way, if some of you maybe interested to send your kids there.. click here

Friday, July 22, 2011

second job~

Still remember my previous experience working in that company?? I only work for 1 day. The next day, I started to look for a job through Then I come across an advertisement looking for a kindergarten teacher. And the most important part is that, it is situated in Putrajaya. Which mean, I don’t have to travel far to go to work. I send my resume immediately and to my surprise, they called me that afternoon asking when I’m free for an interview. 

I was so excited to go for the interview the next morning. It took me about 10 minutes drives to the kindergarten. The interview when very well I could say. I was so happy to be inside the center. I was smiling at the whole time. I can’t believe it that I am so near to my dream job. And after the interview, they told me to report on 1st of august. Does it mean that I was accepted??! Just from the first interview?? I have learned that there are a few people coming for the interview and all of them are a degree holder. Little did I know that to be a kindergarten teacher u must have a degree too? 

Well, what more can I say?! I’m just so excited with my new job and really looking forward to it?? Will I only end up being a preschool teacher after all these years of studies?? Don’t worry people, I have my own plan. InsyaAllah I will succeed in my own way.. As long as I have my own mission and vision and know what I really want in life, things will fall easily in its place..  InsyaAllah


Thursday, July 21, 2011

my first job~

Hi all..

How are u? How’s life? How’s working life? Is everything good so far?? I’m sorry for not be able to update this blog for such a long time.. Many things happen lately and I am left with no more time to blog (I’m a bit lazy lately.. hehehe)

Ok today Im going to tell u about my first day working. After I come back from my practical in Abu Dhabi, I was offered a job in Cahaya Spk. It is a property company. I was supposed to resume work on the 1st July, but due to a circumstance, I start working on 18th of July. 

The office is located somewhere near Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam. On the first day, I travel from Putrajaya and it takes me about 40 minutes. (pheeew) When I reach the office (it was actually a bungalow and is transform into an office), I went inside and met the secretary. I was surprised to see that she did not know the company is taking a new staff. She made a few phone calls and asks me to have a sit and wait there. Then, the general manager arrived; luckily she was aware that I am starting working on that day. 

Soon, she called me inside her room and starts to interview me. She asked me on what is my interest, do I really interested in the property field etc. I told her that I’m not so sure on what is my interest. I’m just planning to work there so that I can gain some experience. I started to like this manager as she is more like a counseling teacher giving an advice to her student. She also asked me weather I want to work permanently or temporary. I told her that I’m planning to work for 2 months. 

At the end of this counseling session, I know that I did not really enjoy this field and have really no interest in it. I told my self that I will give a one week try working in this company. Soon, the manager have to go somewhere for a meeting and will not come in the office for the rest of the day. 

Basically, I did not do anything for the whole day. I just spend the time reading newspapers and also the Readers Digest that I brought with me. Owh I did went to an induction courses in the morning. And the secretary did bring me around to show the office and also introduce me to all of the staff. Then I went to have lunch with dear officemate. There is no eating place in that area. So we have to go out about 15 minute drives just to have our lunch. At this time, I told myself that I’m going to work only for 1 day. My heart is not really into all these.

There is no problem with the working place or the company, but it is just me.. I don’t have interest in the job. I just want to work in a place that I am happy and have interest in it so that I can put my full effort to it. 

Besides that, the company did offer to pay me quit a number of salary. But, when your heart is not into it, there is nothing much that u can do about it.  And guess what?? I only work for one day. When I come back from work that day, I called up the manager and told her my situation. She truly understands my situation and asked me to write a resign letter. So, basically, this is my experience on my first job!! 

How about u my dear friend? Are u happy with your job? What did u choose between money and job satisfaction? Wish u all the best in finding your dream job!!!!