Tuesday, July 26, 2011

outing alone..

Last Friday, I went out shopping alone around KL. It had been quit sometimes since my last outing alone. It was quit fun I would say. Actually I want to find out some reading material regarding handing preschool children. There are a lot of good materials in Kinokuniya but you can guess the price. It was so expensive!! There is one thin book which cost you more than RM200. It was imported after all. Phew.. ok enjoy the pics!!

 see.. there are alot of books for the teachers. I really had a hard time to choose the books..

 had my brunch alone.. I just love this fries shaker!!

 These are the few books that i bought on that day..

 and some are for my own leisure reading..

 I had some times to look at the material too. all of them are bright and colorful right?! after all, i am going to attract the kids!!


  1. like to read your blog..it's impressive and simple...but nice...^^

  2. hehehe.. thanks 4 reading this blog.. nothing much la.. just to jot down some of my experience and share few ideas.. =)