Monday, January 31, 2011

quotation #1

Travelers never think that they are the foreigners.
Mason Cooley

another party..

we had another party recently.. one of the staff is leaving.. so we had a farewell party last week..

there are plenty of food!! I just love it!! and dont mention it, I eat the most I guess =)

the food was from KFC and also Asian Garden..

Linan, from china is soon going back to her hometown... bye Linan, all the best in whatever that you are doing.. and dont forget me ok!! I'll visit you in china one day ok?!

strawberry + chocolate..

I love strawberries.. but sometimes, it can be quit sour and not really sweet.. so I decided to try something new with the strawberries.. ok strawberries and chocolate might not be a new thing, but to make it myself instead of buying it is a new experiment for me.. Let me share it with you how to make your own strawberries with chocolate.. all you need is strawberries, other fruits can also be used.. cut them into small pieces..and a chocolate bar.. (heat it up in the microwave, so that it melt..) I had tried using the chocolate syrup, but it wont turn out nice as went you use the chocolate bar... =)

it is ready!! I know it look unrepresentable, but it really taste great.. especially when you have limited resources... =)

shoes + heels..

I had a new interest nowadays!! I love to look at the shoes!! Is it coz they have a great collection of shoes here or what?! I love to look at those gorgeous heels!! but I know I can afford to wear one as Im super tall already!! I can only wear heels if, Mr husband wear a high heel shoes too.. =)

These are the boots.. ok, they a great and I would love to have 1.. but, after think it twice and trice, never mind, I'll buy something else with the money..

Boots for the kids!! they are cute!!

Bata has a great collection of shoes too.. Here, Bata is so expensive ok..

This bed shoes is comfortable!! it is cute too.. Dhs15

I bought this one finally, it might not look pretty, but it suit my feet and its cheap too and comfortable.. what more can I ask from a shoes???

Friday, January 28, 2011


Good morning everyone!! today is Friday, my only day of in a week!! Im so happy when it come to Friday =) I woke up early to Skype with Dear Mom but the internet connection at home back in Malaysia have problem so i will Skype with her on the other  day.. 

Today I would like to write about recycle.. I think everyone know what does recycle mean and why is it important to recycle.. Last time when I was in Abu Dhabi Mall, I found out about this cute thing..

 i dont know what is this.. a dinosaur? a donkey? no idea..

later, it can be turn into a reusable bag.. there are many different kind of this bag being sold nowadays rite?? but the important message here is to recycle ok, not to go buy and collect all these cute bag =) if you have the recylce bag with you, you can say no to the plastic bag and put your goodies in your own reusable plastic bag..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

strawberry flavoured ted..

It is quit cold now in Abu Dhabi. The weather is about 15-25C.. It might be normal to other people, but for me, Im freezing and shivering in cold.. Mr husband had bought this strawberry flavored tea when he was in Cameroon Highland.. The tea smells good and taste good too.. just love this tea.. This tea company also provide an online service for those who don't have time to just go there to buy the tea.. =) There are many other flavor as well.. try it and you will know the different!!

p/s: What is your favorite flavor? share it with me!!

reading material..

Currently, Im reading this book.. It is an interesting book.. Just love the way Anne Frank write her Diary or her so called "kitty".. It transform me into her world and try to imagine how the Secret Annex are.. I would recommend this book for you to read.. 

p/s : what book are you reading now? please share it with me!! no matter in what language, I would like to here from you ok!!! =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

another wednesday~

found out this picture on my sis's facebook.. he is so cute isnt he?? I hope you know which one im referring to... =) Really miss u baby boy!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Mr Husband told me that I look weird and funny when I wear this kind of scarf.. But I decided not to listen to him and wear this scarf today.. who cares if I look funny, weird etc.. after all, Im just a simple girl, not an artist or supermodel right?! hehehe But now Im a bit mad with him coz he already promise to skype and now he did not wake up... =(

Friday, January 21, 2011

madinat zayed..

When you said that you are going to Abu Dhabi, friends and family will start to ask you to buy the nice Abaya or the black cloak. Some would love to buy the Jubah or the long robe for man too.  But where to get the cheap and affordable Abaya/ Jubah as the Abaya that you found in the mall are expensive.. Same goes to the scarf. Where to get the nice and fashionable scarves?
I would like to recommend you a place were you can buy a cheap scarves in Abu Dhabi.. There is a mall called Madinat zayed shopping center. This mall has lots of shop selling scarf and Abaya. The Abayas are around Dhs200+++ (in the other shopping mall, the price would be Dhs1000++) they have very beautiful design here..
As for the scarf, there is shop inside Madianat Zayed and near to the internet center which sell quit cheap and assorted type of scarves.. if you would happen to visit Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to go to Madinat Zayed ya!!
P/s: for those who would like to buy more cheaper Abaya, they should go to Hamdan street.. the range of Abaya over there is between Dhs60 – Dhs100++ (the key word is, you have to bargain for the price)
the gold center is the other side of Madinat Zayed Shopping center. they are in the same building actually.

in the gold center, all of the shop only sell gold? are the price cheaper here? im not so sure about that..

more gold shops..

in front of Madinat Zayed on Friday.. you just feel like you are in India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh... hehehe

we had our dinner here. the food court in Madinat Zayed..

just another fast food..

then we had a supper..

we had this one.. so nice!! (some time you should reward and just pamper yourself at this kind of cafe..after all you deserve some special treat rite???)

wool + needle..

Last few weeks I find out that kak fat was busy knitting something.. the sweater or is it a jumper or whatever it is called, soon completed.. I was quit surprise to found out bout this other wonderful surprise.. all you need is just a wool and needle with some patience and creativity I guess..

After I found out that kak fat can do some knitting and is willing to spend some time to teach me, I become enthusiastic!!! I bought a wool and a needle too.. with the hope that i can make a winter cap or anything easy..

so the knitting class start.. I learn how to make this flower!!.. I took 30 to 60 minute to complete this..but after a week, I totally forget how to make this thing?!

kak fat make this one in just 5 to 10 minutes..she make it so fast and plus, it is neat too.. =)

p/s: this class only lasted for 1 week.. now, im just so lazy to continue.. what a lazy girl I am??!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ship + sea + sea breeze..

hi dear readers.. 

How are all of you? Hope that all of you are fine.. Today i would like to write about Port Mina in Abu Dhabi. When Hubby come to here, we had the opportunity to visit this port. When I told my colleagues that we when here, they laugh at me as there is nothing much to see by the port except for the ship and the sea... As for me, I love these two the most.. It is so peaceful to look at the sea.. And the smell of the sea are just so fresh and refreshing..

the story of how we reached here was unbelievable.. we were almost lost and had to walk quit far.. soon we reached this area..

look at the color of the sea!!! I did not edited all of this picture.. the color of the sea is just like in the swimming pool.. don't you think so??

there are few of the wooden ship laying by the port.. with the flag of UAE on top of it.. just love to see these ships..

then we saw the rowing boat.. is it call rowing boat? im not so sure what is the name of this boat...

still remember my entry on the Dhow cruising? this is the dhow during the day time..

MasyaAllah!! just look at the color of the sea!! it is so clear and greenish blue.. just love it!!

more pictures of the ships and the workers..

these are the net used to catch the fishes and the seafood.. it is made from metal..

the port with the background of Abu Dhabi city... modern port I guess..

there are also a group of youngster rowing the row boat.. the teacher is in the other speed boat next to it.. teaching how to row the boat with jubah / robe?? =)

just to show how blue is the sea..

a group of duck or bird?? I cant really make up which type are they? is it a duck? but they can fly like the birds..

more on the metal net..

the port with the high building behind it..

bigger ship.. that's how we end up our port visit.. really had a great time here.. especially if we were here with the one that we love the most... =)

noodle bowl..

Long time ago.. we went to this Chinese noodle shop at the sport complex to have our lunch.. The food is great but the price? Hmm I guess Im used to these expensive prices..

the lay out of the Chinese shop..

kak fat order this one.. something like laksa or mee curry.. Dhs25

kak fazimah order this one.. something like vegetable soup.. Dhs28

and I order this one.. fried kuew theow.. Dhs25

the food is great!! see, all of us manage to finish our food.. but I only eat a bit of my food and take away the rest.. =)