Monday, January 31, 2011

shoes + heels..

I had a new interest nowadays!! I love to look at the shoes!! Is it coz they have a great collection of shoes here or what?! I love to look at those gorgeous heels!! but I know I can afford to wear one as Im super tall already!! I can only wear heels if, Mr husband wear a high heel shoes too.. =)

These are the boots.. ok, they a great and I would love to have 1.. but, after think it twice and trice, never mind, I'll buy something else with the money..

Boots for the kids!! they are cute!!

Bata has a great collection of shoes too.. Here, Bata is so expensive ok..

This bed shoes is comfortable!! it is cute too.. Dhs15

I bought this one finally, it might not look pretty, but it suit my feet and its cheap too and comfortable.. what more can I ask from a shoes???


  1. ade la kot.. jrg tgk men's side.. tk tau nk nilai mcm mne.... =)