Friday, January 28, 2011


Good morning everyone!! today is Friday, my only day of in a week!! Im so happy when it come to Friday =) I woke up early to Skype with Dear Mom but the internet connection at home back in Malaysia have problem so i will Skype with her on the other  day.. 

Today I would like to write about recycle.. I think everyone know what does recycle mean and why is it important to recycle.. Last time when I was in Abu Dhabi Mall, I found out about this cute thing..

 i dont know what is this.. a dinosaur? a donkey? no idea..

later, it can be turn into a reusable bag.. there are many different kind of this bag being sold nowadays rite?? but the important message here is to recycle ok, not to go buy and collect all these cute bag =) if you have the recylce bag with you, you can say no to the plastic bag and put your goodies in your own reusable plastic bag..

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