Thursday, January 27, 2011

strawberry flavoured ted..

It is quit cold now in Abu Dhabi. The weather is about 15-25C.. It might be normal to other people, but for me, Im freezing and shivering in cold.. Mr husband had bought this strawberry flavored tea when he was in Cameroon Highland.. The tea smells good and taste good too.. just love this tea.. This tea company also provide an online service for those who don't have time to just go there to buy the tea.. =) There are many other flavor as well.. try it and you will know the different!!

p/s: What is your favorite flavor? share it with me!!


  1. Assalamualaikum tim,
    I had been to your blog for several times already. very interested about your life a student at Abu Dhabi. I am from faculty Science & Technology USIM, Nilai Negeri Sembilan. Me and friends would like to make a visit there. we are searching for contacts there especially student representative council. Is it possible if i liaise with u? -arina (arinaabdraub

  2. hi.. thanks for reading this blog.. Actually, I'll be staying here in AD until 16/4/2011. When are u planning to have the trip? but I'll try my best to help u wherever possible k.. this is my email

  3. thanks. i had sent you an email. really hope u could give us a hand.-Arina USIM.

  4. mmg sedap rasa dia, kita pon penah beli teh tu kt cameron, sgt best!! =)

  5. i love the strawberry tea the most!
    but orange flavored tea is not bad too u should try it! (the cameron valley brand)