Thursday, August 30, 2012

medical checkup +_+

Good morning people!! 

Today, I’m going to write a review on my monthly checkup. Being pregnant with the first baby made us a bit excited and blur at the same time. We had a few choices of the hospitals that we would love to go for our monthly checkup. Owh I hate going to the hospital for so many reasons. I hate the smell, I hate blood, and basically I hate everything about the hospital. But being pregnant, hospital would be my 2nd home and I have to accept that. Sob2..

For the first 3 months, I had been going to “Darul Ehsan Medical Center” (DEMC). I had been seeing Dr Mazita, one of the specialists there. She makes me feel so wanted and I would look forward toward every visit. Everything about the hospital is great I would say. Why we choose this hospital is because it is near to my mom’s house and I’m planning to deliver somewhere near to mommy’s place. But the only problem that we have is that the fees for the delivery are quite expensive (for us). For normal delivery they charges about Rm2200. With the tax, more privacy room etc, it will end up about Rm3+++ I guess. And for the c-section, it must be up to Rm5+++. 

After a deep thought, we decide to try the other hospital which is even nearer to mommy’s place. After reading a few review on “Hospital Bersalin Umra”, we decided to give it a try. My friend had been recommending Dr Ummul as one of the specialist there. She is a very busy person I would say, and I had to wait like ages just to see her. I got the chance to see her once, and I like her that very moment. But the thing is, she is hardly in the hospital now and I therefore had to see the other Doctors. Owh I hate it to keep on seeing the entire different Dr each time of my visit to the hospital. I believe that I have to have the connection with the Dr or midwives or those that going to help me deliver the baby soon. (Yes, I’m a very choosy and fussy) At the same time, this hospital charges about half of the price compare to the previous one. I guess I just have to put my faith in god and pray for the best.

I had been thinking about the government hospital too, the one which is near to my house, Hospital Putrajaya. But Mr Husband doesn’t think that would be a great idea. For now, I just don’t want to think much and hope that the baby arrived into this world safely.. *sigh* 

P/s: Is it possible to have a home birthing at ‘The Farm’?? (hehehe.. you will only understand this if you read “Guide to Childbirth”.. Till then, see u in the next post. Happy independence day and happy long weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

from ma + pa with LOVE~

This is the first thing that daddy bought for me when he got to know that mummy is pregnant. He bought it through Groupon. When mummy asked daddy why he choose blue instead of pink, blue is more universal he said. Both girl and boy can use it.. Daddy must be so excited coz he bought this when I was only 1 or 2 months in mummy's tummy!!

Mummy was even more excited than daddy!! These are the first stuffs that she bought for me. When was it?! It was like more than a year ago when she was in Abu Dhabi. She also bought the universal color although she loves pink alooooot!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd trimester!!

Hi readers!! Good morning!!

Today, I’m going to write about my experience during my 2nd trimester. This stage is the best stage throughout my pregnancy I would say. No more vomiting, no more excessive saliva, no more upset stomach etc. 

Food craving? During this time, I just love to eat durian!! Again the scolding part begins. Mr Hubby being the Mr-worry-about everything will start to say all the bad things about durian for the pregnant lady. But it is not like I eat too much, I just eat it once in a while. (I guess so) but later I stop eating durian as he told me that some of his friend’s child have less hair coz the mother loves to eat durian during her pregnancy. That’s scares me, but I guess it’s just a myth isn’t it? 

Owh, I did faced the problem of constipation during this time. At first, I hardly go to the toilet and it worries me. Later I try to take prune as it makes u go to toilet easily and it works for me. Starting from that day, I take lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Hope that the little one will also love fruits and vege too!!

We had been taking a vacation to few places around Malaysia too. It was great as I just love to travel!! This year, we just plan to travel within Malaysia until the baby is out. But traveling around Malaysia is not a bad idea after all. Did I tell u that I had been traveling to one of the states by an old train which took us about 12 hours to reached there? When I think back about it, I guess that is the craziest thing for me to do. Haha what an experience!!

Talking about exercise, I love to swim. I had been swimming a lot in order to ease up the delivery process and stay in shape!! And I do hope that it works. Other than that, I love shopping. So the walking from 1 shop to the other is also count as an exercise rite? 

Besides, I’m happy that I am able to fast for the whole month of Ramadan. I had been doing my terawikh at the Putra Mosque most of the night. After the baby is born, I don’t know when will be my next visit to the mosque to do the terawikh. With all the crying, screaming, jumping etc..

Furthermore, I had been going out doing what I love the most!! Shopping of course!! The baby’s list gets longer as the day pass by. Heheh and not to worry, I even bought what’s not in the list too. Coz the tummy is still so small at this time; I hardly remember that I’m pregnant so the shopping activity always takes a long time. Oh boy I had such a great time!!

But when dealing with the kids at the kinddy, I do feel tired sometimes. (is it sometimes or most of the time?) I guess the hormone is not stable; I act like a crazy pregnant lady sometimes. Hehe it might sounds funny but it is true!! Poor kids, they get all the extra scolding and shouting. But deep inside me, I love them the most and I’m sure they are aware of that too!! Sob2 

So I guess that’s all about my experience during my 2nd trimester. So many topics to write yet the time are getting less and less. I hope to finish up my writing as soon as possible!! 

Have a wonderful day people!!

p/s: Mr Hubby and Dear Mommy had been taking extra care of me throughout my pregnancy!! Owh I just love it to be pampered like this!! Mr Hubby had been washing the dishes without fail from day 1 of the pregnancy!! Thank you so much Dearie!! Luve u much2!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

my 1st trimester~

My husband and I were on a vacation when I suddenly realized that I did not get my monthly menses yet. I was quit panicked at that time!!  Am I pregnant?  Plus, I do feel hungry quickly and get tired easily. 

As soon as we got back, I did the home pregnancy test. And the double lines appear. What was my feeling at that time? I did not know how to describe it. For sure I’m happy and excited but at the same time worried, scared and 1001 more indescribable feeling. But I get use to it later I guess. =)

My 1st trimester was not so bad. In the beginning, I use to have stomachache and my tummy just doesn’t feel right. I have to run to the toilet few times a day but thank god I did not loose any weight. I eat basically every thing and did not have problem with the food. 

As the days past by, I start to vomit. But not in the morning, it usually happens in the evening. So I guess I’m having an evening sickness. I did not vomit everyday, it just happen when I’m eating too much. Therefore I really have to watch out what I eat during this time.

I do have a sensitive nose too. I just cant take any strong odor be it a perfume, dishes etc. I have to stand far away from Mr Hubby when he is applying his perfume. Besides that, Mr Hubby will do the simple cooking too as I can’t smell all those onions, spices etc. Otherwise, I will feel like vomiting. I have this experience, when going to the night market to find some food. I had been standing near the stall a bit too long, later; I had to walk away to the nearest drain and vomit. Hehe what an experience!!

Besides that, I do encounter the problem of excessive of saliva. I have to keep on spit it out coz it’s just too much and if I swallow it, I will feel like vomiting. It might sound weird to u but I do have that problem. All I could do is just pray that it will quickly go away. And my prayer got accepted I guess as I did not have to face the problem throughout my 9 months of pregnancy.

Did I crave for any specific food?? Hmm let me think. Owh I guess during the early stage of pregnancy, I love to eat sushi. And every time if I tell Mr Hubby that I want to eat sushi, I will be scolded. Hehehe but who cares!! I just want to eat sushi. Yah, I know pregnant lady are not suppose to eat raw fish etc, but besides that, everything on the sushi bar is fine. It’s not like I eat it every day. Just once in a while. 

Owh I love coconut drink too. That is also considered a forbidden thing for a pregnant lady. I find it very hard to not to think about that yummy drink. I told my self to be strong and have it later, maybe when I almost reach 30 weeks. But sometimes I do have a sip or two. =)
Hmm.. What else did I face during that time? Basically, that’s all besides taking extra caution of myself as people use to advise that the 1st trimester is a very delicate moment and u have to take care. The most difficult time for me I guess is when I have to cut down on my shopping and other outdoors activities. Owh I just love those activities. But being me, I do sometimes drag Mr Hubby to those prohibited places and do those prohibited act.. hehehe

I also took 1 month leave from my work as I do feels tired looking after those kids. Luckily I got an understanding boss who understands my situation well. So basically, that’s how I spend my first 3 months of my pregnancy.  Owh did I mention to u that I was so excited to see all the baby’s clothing whenever we go outing? I go like crazy!! I just love those girls’s dress. But I just bought the natural color or clothes that can be wore by both girls and boys as it was too early to guess the gender yet.

So this was my experience during my first pregnancy. I do read alot at the same time. I will share with u my reading material that I fine had helped me alot during this time. Hope u enjoy reading my post and I also hope that this might help those who r looking for some info regarding pregnancy!! Bye.. c u in the next post!!

p/s: I guess this entry is a bit too long!! Don't u think so?!