Friday, August 24, 2012

my 1st trimester~

My husband and I were on a vacation when I suddenly realized that I did not get my monthly menses yet. I was quit panicked at that time!!  Am I pregnant?  Plus, I do feel hungry quickly and get tired easily. 

As soon as we got back, I did the home pregnancy test. And the double lines appear. What was my feeling at that time? I did not know how to describe it. For sure I’m happy and excited but at the same time worried, scared and 1001 more indescribable feeling. But I get use to it later I guess. =)

My 1st trimester was not so bad. In the beginning, I use to have stomachache and my tummy just doesn’t feel right. I have to run to the toilet few times a day but thank god I did not loose any weight. I eat basically every thing and did not have problem with the food. 

As the days past by, I start to vomit. But not in the morning, it usually happens in the evening. So I guess I’m having an evening sickness. I did not vomit everyday, it just happen when I’m eating too much. Therefore I really have to watch out what I eat during this time.

I do have a sensitive nose too. I just cant take any strong odor be it a perfume, dishes etc. I have to stand far away from Mr Hubby when he is applying his perfume. Besides that, Mr Hubby will do the simple cooking too as I can’t smell all those onions, spices etc. Otherwise, I will feel like vomiting. I have this experience, when going to the night market to find some food. I had been standing near the stall a bit too long, later; I had to walk away to the nearest drain and vomit. Hehe what an experience!!

Besides that, I do encounter the problem of excessive of saliva. I have to keep on spit it out coz it’s just too much and if I swallow it, I will feel like vomiting. It might sound weird to u but I do have that problem. All I could do is just pray that it will quickly go away. And my prayer got accepted I guess as I did not have to face the problem throughout my 9 months of pregnancy.

Did I crave for any specific food?? Hmm let me think. Owh I guess during the early stage of pregnancy, I love to eat sushi. And every time if I tell Mr Hubby that I want to eat sushi, I will be scolded. Hehehe but who cares!! I just want to eat sushi. Yah, I know pregnant lady are not suppose to eat raw fish etc, but besides that, everything on the sushi bar is fine. It’s not like I eat it every day. Just once in a while. 

Owh I love coconut drink too. That is also considered a forbidden thing for a pregnant lady. I find it very hard to not to think about that yummy drink. I told my self to be strong and have it later, maybe when I almost reach 30 weeks. But sometimes I do have a sip or two. =)
Hmm.. What else did I face during that time? Basically, that’s all besides taking extra caution of myself as people use to advise that the 1st trimester is a very delicate moment and u have to take care. The most difficult time for me I guess is when I have to cut down on my shopping and other outdoors activities. Owh I just love those activities. But being me, I do sometimes drag Mr Hubby to those prohibited places and do those prohibited act.. hehehe

I also took 1 month leave from my work as I do feels tired looking after those kids. Luckily I got an understanding boss who understands my situation well. So basically, that’s how I spend my first 3 months of my pregnancy.  Owh did I mention to u that I was so excited to see all the baby’s clothing whenever we go outing? I go like crazy!! I just love those girls’s dress. But I just bought the natural color or clothes that can be wore by both girls and boys as it was too early to guess the gender yet.

So this was my experience during my first pregnancy. I do read alot at the same time. I will share with u my reading material that I fine had helped me alot during this time. Hope u enjoy reading my post and I also hope that this might help those who r looking for some info regarding pregnancy!! Bye.. c u in the next post!!

p/s: I guess this entry is a bit too long!! Don't u think so?!

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