Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd trimester!!

Hi readers!! Good morning!!

Today, I’m going to write about my experience during my 2nd trimester. This stage is the best stage throughout my pregnancy I would say. No more vomiting, no more excessive saliva, no more upset stomach etc. 

Food craving? During this time, I just love to eat durian!! Again the scolding part begins. Mr Hubby being the Mr-worry-about everything will start to say all the bad things about durian for the pregnant lady. But it is not like I eat too much, I just eat it once in a while. (I guess so) but later I stop eating durian as he told me that some of his friend’s child have less hair coz the mother loves to eat durian during her pregnancy. That’s scares me, but I guess it’s just a myth isn’t it? 

Owh, I did faced the problem of constipation during this time. At first, I hardly go to the toilet and it worries me. Later I try to take prune as it makes u go to toilet easily and it works for me. Starting from that day, I take lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Hope that the little one will also love fruits and vege too!!

We had been taking a vacation to few places around Malaysia too. It was great as I just love to travel!! This year, we just plan to travel within Malaysia until the baby is out. But traveling around Malaysia is not a bad idea after all. Did I tell u that I had been traveling to one of the states by an old train which took us about 12 hours to reached there? When I think back about it, I guess that is the craziest thing for me to do. Haha what an experience!!

Talking about exercise, I love to swim. I had been swimming a lot in order to ease up the delivery process and stay in shape!! And I do hope that it works. Other than that, I love shopping. So the walking from 1 shop to the other is also count as an exercise rite? 

Besides, I’m happy that I am able to fast for the whole month of Ramadan. I had been doing my terawikh at the Putra Mosque most of the night. After the baby is born, I don’t know when will be my next visit to the mosque to do the terawikh. With all the crying, screaming, jumping etc..

Furthermore, I had been going out doing what I love the most!! Shopping of course!! The baby’s list gets longer as the day pass by. Heheh and not to worry, I even bought what’s not in the list too. Coz the tummy is still so small at this time; I hardly remember that I’m pregnant so the shopping activity always takes a long time. Oh boy I had such a great time!!

But when dealing with the kids at the kinddy, I do feel tired sometimes. (is it sometimes or most of the time?) I guess the hormone is not stable; I act like a crazy pregnant lady sometimes. Hehe it might sounds funny but it is true!! Poor kids, they get all the extra scolding and shouting. But deep inside me, I love them the most and I’m sure they are aware of that too!! Sob2 

So I guess that’s all about my experience during my 2nd trimester. So many topics to write yet the time are getting less and less. I hope to finish up my writing as soon as possible!! 

Have a wonderful day people!!

p/s: Mr Hubby and Dear Mommy had been taking extra care of me throughout my pregnancy!! Owh I just love it to be pampered like this!! Mr Hubby had been washing the dishes without fail from day 1 of the pregnancy!! Thank you so much Dearie!! Luve u much2!!

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