Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Antenatal Class @ Demc"

Last Sunday, Mr Husband and I went to the Antenatal Class organized by DEMC. Each couple has to pay about Rm120. It started to serve breakfast at 8.30am and the talks start at 9am. The talk started with the “optimal nourishment during pregnancy” by the nutritionist. The talk was great I would say. Then, there was a talk regarding the labor. Can’t really remember what the title was. It was about the stages and also the term used in the labor. Then, there was a talk about the “epidural analgesia”. This is where the medical intervention comes during childbirth. There was also a brief talk about the baby as soon after the birth by the pediatrician. About those screening, jaundice and also injections that baby suppose to take after birth.  After a long morning of the serious talk, we finally get to tour the hospital: the labor room and also the ward. Later on, lunch was served. But, based on my observation, not all of the participant would be delivering there at DEMC. Maybe because there was lack of Antenatal Class, people choose to attend this class. 

The talk soon continued with “breastfeeding” by one of the panel. It was quit an interesting talk I would say. Then, the talk continue with confinement period and how to take care of your body by one of the spa owner that provide special services for lady that had just giving birth. She had been encouraging us to use the “tanamera” product as she herself find it useful. Should I give it a try? Finally, we come to the last section!! It was the fitness exercise for moms!! It was very informational, but at that time, we have to stand on our exercise mat so I don’t get the chance to jot down any points. But that section was good I would say. They teach us how to breathe properly according to the stages of labor, and few useful exercises.

This class was quit beneficial, but there were a few hiccups that I believe they can improve for a better service. This class caters not only for moms to be but there were also the dads!! So at least put a section were dad feel involve in the process. Maybe about the role of dad in the labor room etc. as we know, mom are the one that had been doing the extra reading, so when dad actually attend this kind of talks, try to get more involvement for the dads. Besides, some of the panel or speaker do talk quit fast and we did not get the time to jot down the important notes. Maybe the organizer can provide us with the handout. We pay quit a sum of money for this one day class, let me remind you!!

Besides then that, everything was great. As for me, it is better to get the chance to attend this class than not going at all.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mini monday~

I accompanied dear mommy to the market yesterday. Check out what did I bought!! It was a “nasi lemak”!! I didn’t realize how small it was until I hold it. The size is half of my palm. It cost me about Rm1. Will people only have 1 of this?! (Yes for me, but I doubt others will only buy 1 of it)