Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Princess aka 마이 프린세스

I've been watching this Korean drama recently and love this one too =).. Have you watch it dear friends??

An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she’s a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette.
 (highly recommended by me)

samak our new home~

Today I will be following kak fazimah to "samak" our new house. I had never "samak" a house before!! This is totally a new experience for me.. This morning I ask kak fazimah how are we going to "samak" the kitchen?? Then she told me, we have to wash everything with sand!!.. I will post an entry as soon as I finish "samak" the kitchen ok?!

"Samak" is actually one of the Islamic cleansing. It is also known as purification or taharah. Purification or taharah plays a very important role in Islam. A muslim's ibadah may be rejected if taharah is being neglected. Therefore all muslims have to follow the correct procedures in cleaning and cleansing all kinds of dirt according to syara especially when dealing with mughallazah filth obtained from dogs and pigs.

According to Islam, the only way to mughallazah filth is by washing the affected area 7 times, the 1st with water mixed with earth ( soil or sand ), and 6 with clean running water to ensure taharah or purification is taken place.

If a object was once contacted with haram, Samak will have to perform on the object with soil water once; and rinse with clean water six times to ensure Samak is taken place.

Taken from: here!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy birthday dear kyla!!!!

I have a good friend by the name of Shakilla Hanim. She is a nice girl and a good friend too. During our Uni's life, I would admire on how she does her assignment. She is very efficient and effective too. She can do a very good one.. Owh Im sure her boss wherever she is working will like her bcoz of her work!!

She is a year older on the 18th of February. I had not get the chance to wish her as Im quit busy in the office and also at home. But of course I do remember her birthday. As usual, I don't want to wish her at facebook as there are tons of other messages too. You see, when we have some special friend, we want to wish them in some special way especially if we are miles away from them right?!

Kyla, happy birthday!!! You must be getting lots of present and wishes too. Im sorry that I wish you a bit late. But that does not mean that I forget you birthday.. I also wish that:
  • Allah will grant you long life in iman and taqwa
  • You will achieve everything that you had been wishing and dreaming before
  • You will be success in this world and also here after
  • You will always be surrounded by your loves one and those that enjoy your company!!
  • The year ahead provide a lot of wonderful surprise to you
  • Finally, I wish that we will always be friend!!

Pls: hope that she read this post that is dedicated specially for her!!! Have a great day kyla!! Cant wait for our trip to Phuket!!!! =)

Friday, February 25, 2011

another surprise...

the kids corner upstairs..

the maid is busy arranging the clothes..

my stuff.. there are few more boxes..

By looking at this picture, can you guess what is actually happening?? We are going to move out soon to another villa.. =(

The contract of this villa is finishing soon. To cut cost, the company decided to let go this villa and we have to move to the other villa which is still vacant. We are going to mix with Chinese. But luckily all of us will be staying together.. Will write more about the new villa soon..

confession of a timid girl~

hi peeps!!! 
How are you?! Hope that you are fine.. There are so many things that I wanted to share with you guys!! But I got few problem you see.. Below are some of the stuff that is bothering me and as a reason why I don't blogging.. 

1. The capacity of my blog is full already. I guess this happen as the size of the picture that I uploaded are big, therefore it take up lots of space. So I have to re-size it!! It will surely take up some times rite??

2. I will be moving to the other villa soon. I think maybe next week. So we are busy packing up our stuff. My things are not that much but I had been busybody to help other people pack their things.. Hehheehhe.. Cant help to be busy body..

3. Mr. Mani had been check up on me lately. (in the office, during office hour) Therefore I had to be very careful and not to write at just any time when i feel like writing. 

4. The number of FOLLOWER (at the right side of this blog) is increasing.. I feel quit nerves by looking at the number.. I know some of them were been force by me to follow this blog.. hehe.. Sorry you guys but thanks for the support too.. I sometimes wonder, do they really read this blog bcoz it basically contain nothing and just a rambling here and there.. hmm..

5. Finally, kak fat's daughter is here for few months vacation. She had this hardisk full of Korean dramas and movies. I had been addicted to it and cant do anything else besides than watching them.. I sleep late too at night.. This is really not a good habit!! hmm will try to sought this problem out.

6. Owh there is another reason. I had been going to the aerobic classes at night. Remember in this post?? So, my whole body are in pain and I don't really in the mood of writing although there are a few hot stories or entry that I would like to share with all of you!!!

Wow so many reason or should I say excuses???!! I did not know that Im quit good at finding excuses.. But don't worry girls (most of the reader are girl rite???) I will continue to write soon k.. stay tune!!

by the beach.. Our intention was to jog that evening. But it end up with photo shoot around the park.. hmmm

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

poor thing...

Date: 23 February 2011
Venue: SPK office
Time: 12pm

During lunch time, I had lunch with kak fathiyah. We had rice and few other dishes. The rice is alot. I mean it when I say alot. It is enough for 3 or 4 people I guess. Ok fine.. we finally finish eating..

Date & Venue: same
Time: 12.45pm

Kak ira just come back from medical check up and ask me to have lunch with her.. Im super duper full but, its ok I'll eat with her as she will be eating alone. The food is A LOT!! but we only eat a bit and keep the rest for tomorrow.. I can even walk or laugh at this time as Im so full...

Date & Venue: same
Time: 1.15pm

Kak fazimah just come back from nowhere and had order the Rapid Fried Chicken (RFC) and had ask me to take 1 piece of chicken.. I almost fainted at this time.. Im so full!!! I take it but put in a container... maybe later I'll eat.. Maybe bcoz Im too thin? Or do I look like poor little thing? How will I look like when I come back???!! I cant even imagine it!! =(

p/s: Tonight, we are having our aerobic class. Did I tell you that the body pain that Im having due to last time aerobic class is still there???

easy lemon chicken~

Making lemon chicken is very easy and delicious! I guarantee you'll love it!

Things You'll Need:
3 chicken breasts (thawed)
2 cups of flour
3tsp red pepper
3tbs lemon pepper
2tbs salt
1tbs freshly cracked pepper
plastic ziplock bag
veggie oil
3 cups of lemon juice
1 cup of water

1.First you'll need to defrost 3 chicken breast. While your chicken is defrosting you'll need to mix 2 cups of all purpose flour with 3 teaspoons of red pepper, 3 tablespoons of lemon pepper, 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of freshly cracked pepper.

2.Put the mixture into a plastic ziplock bag. When the chicken is thawed you are going to put the chicken into the ziplock bag, seal the bag and shake it until the chicken is covered with flour.
3.Turn the stove on medium heat and put a skillet filled about 1 inch of vegetable oil. When the oil is hot you add the chicken and cook until golden brown. When the chicken is golden brown you add 3 cups of lemon juice and 1 cup of water. Let simmer for 30 minutes and serve over pasta.
p/s: this recipe is dedicated to Mr. husband.. Grill it ok dear.. You are growing to be a good cook day by day.. Cant wait to taste your cooking!!! till we meet again... =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

travel journal...

While traveling, you're bound to see things and experience moments you won't want to forget. So apart from simply snapping photographs, write down your thoughts and impressions in a travel journal. Whether you choose a traditional paper-and-pen method or decide to go digital with a blog, you can later use self-publishing tools to organize your memories in a book, which makes a great keepsake of your adventures.

1. Purchase a journal, available at most bookstores. You can buy a simple version or one specifically for travelers, in which you'll find tips, quotes and space for itinerary details and photos. Those traveling with a computer, however, have a number of other options. Make a word-processing document with your observations or create a blog to share your experiences as they happen. You can opt for popular and easy-to-use services like Blogger and WordPress, or turn to travel-specific site Off Exploring, which allows you to publish your journal with just a few clicks.

2. Write your journal. Recording everything you see and do while on the road is challenging, but you can take advantage of quiet moments at mealtimes or before going to sleep to jot down some basic observations. If you bring along a Polaroid camera, snap photos and stick them in your journal with short captions. And when you come across a special shop or restaurant, ask for a business card. It serves as a nice memento and a reminder of the name and location. 

 from: here

planning for vacation trip~

Get your vacation plan wrong and you could find yourself bored or lost. Get it right and you could find yourself on a vacation that you'll remember for all the right reasons. A 2009 Travelhorizons survey indicated that the car was the most frequently used mode of transport on a leisure trip -- 76 percent of all US leisure trips were road trips. Planes were the second most common mode of vacation transport.

# Talk to all the people going on the vacation, unless you are travelling solo, about your destination and the types of sites you want to visit. This could include nature reserves, sites of historical interest or the beach. Try to include something for everyone in your plan and set a budget.

# Agree on how you will travel. If you are going by road, decide on a vehicle, who will drive and, if necessary, how to split driving costs.

# Consult guidebooks and other resources to find out more about your destination. Make lists of possible activities and sites to visit before you finalize your plans. Find out about entrance fees and opening times. If you're traveling with your family or a group, split up responsibility for research.

# Plot your route on a map. If you are traveling by car, decide if you want to stick to highways, look for scenic routes or include a mixture of both. Plan rest stops in advance, perhaps at a point of interest just off your main route. Planning on a stop every 100 to 150 miles with give you a break roughly every two hours.

# Book any accommodations necessary unless you want more flexibility and can take a chance on what you find. Advance reservations sometimes provide discounts that save money.

from: here

hide things in the hotel room..

Vacationers shouldn't have to worry about anything during a hard-earned trip, so keeping one's valuables safe is an important yet easy way to avoid a travel headache. Theft is the most common crime committed in hotels, which are otherwise generally very safe places for guests. Unfortunately, research suggests that hotel employees are the biggest culprits in these petty crimes, so effectively hiding valuable items is an important preventative measure. By taking a few precautions and using a little creativity, hotel guests can discourage theft and protect their valuables while traveling.

    Securing Valuables

  1. Slide items under the mattress, towards the middle so that they are less likely to be discovered when making the bed. It is best to use this tactic only after the bed has been made.

  2. Place flat items under a trash can in the corner, and do not use that trash can. In case a custodian moves the can, you may want to place the items in an envelope and affix it to the bottom with tape.

  3. Tape items underneath the desk or side tables. Placing items in an envelope helps protect them from damage by the tape.

  4. Enclose valuables within a small bag and pin between double drapes.

  5. Place cash within the pages of a book or telephone directory.

  6. Hide items in plain sight by keeping important documents concealed in a pile of restaurant menus and travel brochures.

  7. Roll items within very "personal" articles of clothing, such as underwear. As thieves are attuned to the "wallet in a sock" trick, throwing valuables in with the truly dirty clothes is the best deterrent when using this method of hiding items.

  8. Use a purchased or homemade "diversion safe," such as a fake can of shaving cream or hollowed-out paperback, to store valuables. Many varieties of these are available for sale at security shops and online.
  9. Preventative Measures

  10. Take measures to prevent and discourage thieves from targeting your room. Keep suitcases locked. Wear modest jewelry and do not advertise any expensive shopping trips to hotel staff. Hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and leave the TV on when you are leaving for the day. Keep the room and your items very tidy so that any disorder would be conspicuous, and of course do not leave any valuable items out in the open.

  11. Don't forget to secure or remove valuables in your car as well. More than a quarter of all hotel theft occurs outside the guest room, in a vehicle in a hotel garage or parking lot. Fortunately, the predominant causes of theft from cars are easily avoidable: lock your doors and hide your valuables.

  12. Lock valuables in the hotel safe, but only use a safe that allows you to set a new combination. Longer combinations offer better protection, with six-digit codes providing the most security one should need. Never use a safe that requires a key provided by the hotel, as there may be untold numbers of key copies circulating among staff and former guests.

    from: here

aerobic class~

I went to the aerobic class for the first time in my life today!! The feeling was just too great! I love it! At first I was quit shy as the other user (the Arab lady of course) was just so pretty and they wore nice outfit too.. I just wear my normal sport attire.. then I realize, only the shirt that im wearing is mine and the other stuff i borrowed from others.. (I don't aspect to go to aerobic class during my internship here right???) 

There are different classes each night. Tonight, the class was specifically for the legs, bumps and tums. (At first we did not know about this different classes for each night, so we just join up to firm up our tums.. ) The charge was Dhs40 per class. It was quit expensive, I had to admit that. But I really enjoy the class, so I guess it is ok to spend some money on that..So kak fazimah and me decided to enroll into 12 session class that cost us Dhs350. It is a bit cheaper than to pay individually per visit.. Tim going to come back with a perfect body huh?! hehehehe

Btw, the move was painful!!! And I sweat too... (I don't really like to sweat myself.. hehe) Owh I really think that I'm not fit enough and my body are just so weak.. Owh whatever... (Better stop talking too much bout myself.. like any body cares!!!) below are some pictures..

 the gym...

the cafe..
The website: click here
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

p/s: for those who are staying in Abu Dhabi and is looking for an aerobic class, this place is highly recommended by Tim.. Dear readers, do you know any aerobic class in Malaysia that is good and cheap that you would recommend to me????

Monday, February 21, 2011

traveling with laptop...

When you take a vacation or travel for business, there is no reason to leave your gadgets behind. Hotels around the world offer Wi-Fi service and make it possible for you to use your laptop to stay in touch with the office, family and friends. Similarly, when traveling, taking your GPS along can help you navigate your way through unknown cities and off the beaten track.

Keep Electronics Safe
Even though it is common in the United States for people to use laptop computers, GPS and other expensive electronics in public places, public use of electronics can be less common in some countries. Using electronic devices in public could cause you to be marked as a potential target for theft. Before traveling abroad, purchase cases for all your electronics, so that you can keep them hidden from public view in your bag. Limit electronics use to private spaces such as your rental car or hotel room. If you must use your electronic devices in public, enter a safe place, such as a retail store or cafe, before removing devices from your bag.

Update GPS Maps
In theory, using a GPS to navigate the winding roads of Tuscan hillside villages sounds like a great idea. However, GPS units come loaded with maps for the regions where they are purchased. If you are planning to use your GPS for a road trip abroad, check your unit's information manual or the manufacturer's website to see how far the pre-loaded maps extend. If your manufacturer also distributes GPS in the country to which you are traveling, you can download additional maps. Even if your manufacturer does not provide maps for the country you are planning to visit, you could be able to purchase them from a third party GPS map vendor.

Get the Right Plug Converter
Laptops, cellphones and other portable electronic devises are made to work within a range of voltages, typically 100 to 240 volts. North American outlets use a 110 volt system, while Europe and Asia use 220 volts. However, even when your device is compatible in terms of voltage, plug configurations vary abroad, even within a country. North American laptop cords typically include a third pin, but some outlets abroad use only two pins or have three thin pins in a horizontal configuration. Before your trip, visit a travel store or an airport electronics vendor and pick up plug converters specifically designed for the country or countries you plan to visit.

sources: click here..

travel checklist~

Planning and preparation are the secret to pragmatic packing, so pack the night before you leave to avoid last-minute panic. The most difficult thing to do is to focus on what you need, so make a list if it helps keep the task in perspective. Double-check the list on the day that you leave to make sure you didn't forget anything. That said, try not to over stuff your bags either. You need room for souvenirs.

Boarding Pass
# You won't go far without it.

Valid Passport
# Unless you're going to a domestic destination, you'll need a valid passport. If you don't already have one, get one at least a couple of months in advance. Keep it securely on you while you travel, and lock it in your hotel room safe during your stay. It can be difficult to replace a lost passport, so avoid taking it with you during activities.

Driver's License
# You may not intend to drive while you're traveling, but that doesn't mean the opportunity won't present itself. Having a driver's license is also useful in case someone asks to see some picture ID and your passport isn't handy. If you plan to drive, make sure your license is accepted in the country you're traveling to. You may need to arrange for an international license before your trip.

# Always keep your laptop and your camera in your carry-on luggage. Also make sure to bring battery chargers for each and an extra memory card for your camera. You can keep the camera charger in your checked baggage to save room.

# It's important to keep yourself entertained during long journeys. It's also the perfect time to catch up on reading. That said, restrict yourself to one book or one electronic system (for example, tablets, laptops) so your carry-on won't get too heavy.

# It's difficult for most people to do this, but the key to packing sensibly is to plan what you're going to wear each day that you're gone. To save on space, try to stick to one jacket, and if possible, wear it during your journey. Shoes take up more space than clothing, so be brutally selective.

# Some people are very particular about skincare, but remember that hotels always provide guests with in-room soaps, moisturizers and shampoo. If you can't do without your cream routine, try to purchase your favorite products in travel-size format and pack them into a small travel pouch to avoid spills. Pack these in your checked baggage since many airlines don't allow liquids in carry-ons. Don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste!

# When considering cosmetics, resist the urge to take the whole boudoir with you. Stick to what you need and try to coordinate your selections with the outfits you plan to wear. Where possible, pack these in your checked baggage, ideally in a travel pouch.

# If you absolutely must bring jewelry but don't plan to wear it while you travel, keep it in your carry-on. Jewelry and other valuables run the risk of getting stolen if they're placed in checked baggage. Otherwise, bringing sunglasses is never a bad idea, but they're also easily purchased at any destination.
sources: click me!!

love to travel??

Traveling is a common leisure activity, but smart travel requires experience and knowledge. Smart travel is more than saving money, it is how to plan the best vacation from packing to returning home. Using the Internet and personal experience, anyone can become a savvy traveler. 

# Use travel search engines to book the cheapest flight and hotel. You can bundle these to save the most money possible. Even if you do not need a flight and hotel, often you will find the best rates when you book the package. You do not have to utilize the services once you pay for them. Plot out what you plan to do on your trip. With an itinerary, you can plan the cheapest way to travel between locations. For example, if you are traveling to Minneapolis, you can determine if it is cheapest to rent a car or take buses between attractions. Using public transportation is not only sometimes cheaper, but also the green way to travel. Make copies of all of your important documents (such as passport, credit cards, ID, etc.) in case they are stolen. This will help the local embassy to replace these items.

# Most flights require you pay extra fees to check bags. Save money by packing light. Instead of packing three large suitcases for a week-long adventure, pack everything into your carry-on. Pack just enough outfits for your vacation and only a couple of extra pairs of socks and underwear. Plan to re-wear items such as jeans. This way you can pack one pair of pants instead of five. Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding them. Bag all of your toiletries in plastic zip lock bags. In high altitude, bottles can pop open, so bagging your toiletries may prevent a potential mess.

# When you arrive at your destination, familiarize yourself with all the important local numbers you will need. This includes any embassies (if abroad), police departments and emergency numbers. Never travel alone after dark, and use the buddy system to prevent being attacked. If you are traveling alone, stay in contact with family and friends through email or texts. This way someone knows where you are in case of an emergency.

sources: click here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

does he loves you???

A man in love is a doer, not a talker--whether this means pulling a bunch of wildflowers for you, making you breakfast in bed or putting up with your Aunt Sue when she comes to visit for three weeks. A man in love is not someone you need to spend a lot of time second-guessing: men aren't that complicated.
  1. Watch his behavior. Men in love are probably easier to read than women because they don't spend hours dissecting the relationship with their buddies. A man in love, out of force of habit, will do things to show he cares: pull wildflowers from a meadow in Yosemite, get a tattoo with your name on it, buy your favorite frozen yogurt (extra points for bringing it to you when you didn't ask for it) and spending time with your family.

  2. Pay attention to his body language and facial expressions. If he is scrunched over and scowling, looks bored, is constantly checking his cell phone or similarly distracted or showing annoyed mannerisms, then you know he's not in love. You don't really need someone to tell you that.

    A man in love should be engaged with you, stare deeply into your eyes (unless he's shy, in which case he will look away, but still be engaged with you), touch you lightly on the arm, shoulder or hair and smile when you smile. A man in love feels your rhythm and mirrors it.

  3. Test the waters. It's always best to let the guy tell you he loves you first, but you can gauge his level of interest with comments that question his future interest. If you can't get him to commit to a party you're having a month from now, that's a very bad sign. But if he's already asking if you like to snow ski, and you just met in the late spring, this is a keeper.

  4. Feel his touch. A man in love will touch a woman's face, cradle her chin in his hands or brush a hair from her eye. A man just out for a romp in the sack won't indulge in tender touches such as these, especially out of the bedroom. If he has to at least hold your hand or fingertip in public, he loves you.

  5. Listen to your heart. You'll know if he loves you. The hardest job we have in life is probably letting go of someone who does not love us. We all want to be loved so badly that we oftentimes project feelings and behaviors onto people who don't deserve our adoration. If you are suffering--calling your friends for information, running over every comment he's made or crying yourself to sleep--he does not love you.
sources: click here

successful marriage..

As with most good things, a long and satisfying marriage takes time and effort - on the part of both spouses. Your reward is happiness of the highest order.
  1. Cherish compatibility. Seek out the things that interest, please and delight both of you.

  2. Respect and treasure your differences. Learn from one another. Appreciate and understand your spouse's distinctive style, approach and personality - especially when it diverges from yours. Differences can often turn into delight.

  3. Cultivate patience. Give your spouse enough time to reach a comfortable middle ground in his or her own way.

  4. Learn how to be understanding, and develop the ability to see through your spouse's eyes.

  5. Share your feelings in regular talk sessions. A nice atmosphere in a good restaurant helps open the doors to intimacy and sharing. Really listen to your partner. Be sure to look directly into the eyes of your loved one.

  6. Strive for a high ratio of positive to negative in comments and actions.

  7. Allow time to pass when you're surprised by a disappointment. Solutions will become evident when there is patience. A good night's sleep will help additional insights to surface.

  8. Resolve the inevitable differences in a way that strengthens and deepens your love. Strive to communicate your feelings without being aggressive or defensive. Listen to each other with an open mind and seek resolutions that you both can be happy with.
  9. Learn to express thankfulness for the smallest things. This gratitude can be brief and must be genuine.
sources:  click here

romantic husband~

Married women often complain of a lack of romance in their marriages. Sure, they know their husbands love them and they may even enjoy an excellent sex life, but they do not feel the romance in the relationship. Many men wonder what they can do to be romantic as a husband. Because men don’t crave romance the way women do, this can be a challenge. However, with a little bit of creativity and thought, any husband can be as romantic as he was when he was courting his wife.
  1. Plan a surprise date night. If you have children, arrange for babysitting, make the reservations at the restaurant and even throw in some movie or theater tickets if there is a good show in town. Tell your wife what to wear, but tell her nothing about where you are going. This is sure to sweep her off of her feet.

  2. Give her flowers for no reason. Women love to be surprised. If it is an important date, like a birthday or anniversary, flowers are expected, but unexpected flowers are one of the most romantic things a husband can do.

  3. Touch your wife frequently in a non-sexual manner. A brief caress, shoulder rub, or even hug can mean so much to your wife, especially if it is not given because you are soliciting something in the bedroom.

  4. Call your wife for no reason, just to say "I love you." If you know she is having a rough or stressful day, call to see how she is and remind her how special she is to you.

  5. Leave notes around your house. If you are not a good writer, buy cards with sayings that reflect your feelings. If your wife is headed out of town, tuck little notes into her suitcase for her to find.

  6. Remember something important to your wife and follow through on it. If you hear your wife mention that she would like to have her hair highlighted, take the initiative and buy her a gift card to her favorite salon. You can then arrange a time when she can go to have the work done. This will show your wife that you are a romantic husband because you pay attention to her wants.
sources:   click here

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

healthy diet..

Does dishes look nice and tasty?! It might look so simple and plain to you.. but for me, im so impressed looking at it.. this is bcoz Mr. Husband had cook this food himself in order to eat healthy and stay fit.. this food are only grill or roasted in the oven.. for the full recipe, you have to ask the chef yourself... Hope to taste it when i come back in May ok?! Btw, he just love watching that young chef and would love to be the best chef in our own kitchen  i guess.. im more than happy to be his helper or assistant.. =)