Friday, February 25, 2011

confession of a timid girl~

hi peeps!!! 
How are you?! Hope that you are fine.. There are so many things that I wanted to share with you guys!! But I got few problem you see.. Below are some of the stuff that is bothering me and as a reason why I don't blogging.. 

1. The capacity of my blog is full already. I guess this happen as the size of the picture that I uploaded are big, therefore it take up lots of space. So I have to re-size it!! It will surely take up some times rite??

2. I will be moving to the other villa soon. I think maybe next week. So we are busy packing up our stuff. My things are not that much but I had been busybody to help other people pack their things.. Hehheehhe.. Cant help to be busy body..

3. Mr. Mani had been check up on me lately. (in the office, during office hour) Therefore I had to be very careful and not to write at just any time when i feel like writing. 

4. The number of FOLLOWER (at the right side of this blog) is increasing.. I feel quit nerves by looking at the number.. I know some of them were been force by me to follow this blog.. hehe.. Sorry you guys but thanks for the support too.. I sometimes wonder, do they really read this blog bcoz it basically contain nothing and just a rambling here and there.. hmm..

5. Finally, kak fat's daughter is here for few months vacation. She had this hardisk full of Korean dramas and movies. I had been addicted to it and cant do anything else besides than watching them.. I sleep late too at night.. This is really not a good habit!! hmm will try to sought this problem out.

6. Owh there is another reason. I had been going to the aerobic classes at night. Remember in this post?? So, my whole body are in pain and I don't really in the mood of writing although there are a few hot stories or entry that I would like to share with all of you!!!

Wow so many reason or should I say excuses???!! I did not know that Im quit good at finding excuses.. But don't worry girls (most of the reader are girl rite???) I will continue to write soon k.. stay tune!!

by the beach.. Our intention was to jog that evening. But it end up with photo shoot around the park.. hmmm

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