Wednesday, February 23, 2011

poor thing...

Date: 23 February 2011
Venue: SPK office
Time: 12pm

During lunch time, I had lunch with kak fathiyah. We had rice and few other dishes. The rice is alot. I mean it when I say alot. It is enough for 3 or 4 people I guess. Ok fine.. we finally finish eating..

Date & Venue: same
Time: 12.45pm

Kak ira just come back from medical check up and ask me to have lunch with her.. Im super duper full but, its ok I'll eat with her as she will be eating alone. The food is A LOT!! but we only eat a bit and keep the rest for tomorrow.. I can even walk or laugh at this time as Im so full...

Date & Venue: same
Time: 1.15pm

Kak fazimah just come back from nowhere and had order the Rapid Fried Chicken (RFC) and had ask me to take 1 piece of chicken.. I almost fainted at this time.. Im so full!!! I take it but put in a container... maybe later I'll eat.. Maybe bcoz Im too thin? Or do I look like poor little thing? How will I look like when I come back???!! I cant even imagine it!! =(

p/s: Tonight, we are having our aerobic class. Did I tell you that the body pain that Im having due to last time aerobic class is still there???

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