Tuesday, February 22, 2011

aerobic class~

I went to the aerobic class for the first time in my life today!! The feeling was just too great! I love it! At first I was quit shy as the other user (the Arab lady of course) was just so pretty and they wore nice outfit too.. I just wear my normal sport attire.. then I realize, only the shirt that im wearing is mine and the other stuff i borrowed from others.. (I don't aspect to go to aerobic class during my internship here right???) 

There are different classes each night. Tonight, the class was specifically for the legs, bumps and tums. (At first we did not know about this different classes for each night, so we just join up to firm up our tums.. ) The charge was Dhs40 per class. It was quit expensive, I had to admit that. But I really enjoy the class, so I guess it is ok to spend some money on that..So kak fazimah and me decided to enroll into 12 session class that cost us Dhs350. It is a bit cheaper than to pay individually per visit.. Tim going to come back with a perfect body huh?! hehehehe

Btw, the move was painful!!! And I sweat too... (I don't really like to sweat myself.. hehe) Owh I really think that I'm not fit enough and my body are just so weak.. Owh whatever... (Better stop talking too much bout myself.. like any body cares!!!) below are some pictures..

 the gym...

the cafe..
The website: click here
Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

p/s: for those who are staying in Abu Dhabi and is looking for an aerobic class, this place is highly recommended by Tim.. Dear readers, do you know any aerobic class in Malaysia that is good and cheap that you would recommend to me????

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  1. i know 1 aerobics class!!
    but it's near my house in Bkt Sentosa.
    Only RM5 per class.
    i dont knw abt the latest rate coz i also havent join for 1yr+
    No motivation sbb takde kawan.
    Dlm tu ramai aunty2 yg fit2 buat kita rasa intimidated. hahaha