Tuesday, February 22, 2011

planning for vacation trip~

Get your vacation plan wrong and you could find yourself bored or lost. Get it right and you could find yourself on a vacation that you'll remember for all the right reasons. A 2009 Travelhorizons survey indicated that the car was the most frequently used mode of transport on a leisure trip -- 76 percent of all US leisure trips were road trips. Planes were the second most common mode of vacation transport.

# Talk to all the people going on the vacation, unless you are travelling solo, about your destination and the types of sites you want to visit. This could include nature reserves, sites of historical interest or the beach. Try to include something for everyone in your plan and set a budget.

# Agree on how you will travel. If you are going by road, decide on a vehicle, who will drive and, if necessary, how to split driving costs.

# Consult guidebooks and other resources to find out more about your destination. Make lists of possible activities and sites to visit before you finalize your plans. Find out about entrance fees and opening times. If you're traveling with your family or a group, split up responsibility for research.

# Plot your route on a map. If you are traveling by car, decide if you want to stick to highways, look for scenic routes or include a mixture of both. Plan rest stops in advance, perhaps at a point of interest just off your main route. Planning on a stop every 100 to 150 miles with give you a break roughly every two hours.

# Book any accommodations necessary unless you want more flexibility and can take a chance on what you find. Advance reservations sometimes provide discounts that save money.

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