Tuesday, February 22, 2011

travel journal...

While traveling, you're bound to see things and experience moments you won't want to forget. So apart from simply snapping photographs, write down your thoughts and impressions in a travel journal. Whether you choose a traditional paper-and-pen method or decide to go digital with a blog, you can later use self-publishing tools to organize your memories in a book, which makes a great keepsake of your adventures.

1. Purchase a journal, available at most bookstores. You can buy a simple version or one specifically for travelers, in which you'll find tips, quotes and space for itinerary details and photos. Those traveling with a computer, however, have a number of other options. Make a word-processing document with your observations or create a blog to share your experiences as they happen. You can opt for popular and easy-to-use services like Blogger and WordPress, or turn to travel-specific site Off Exploring, which allows you to publish your journal with just a few clicks.

2. Write your journal. Recording everything you see and do while on the road is challenging, but you can take advantage of quiet moments at mealtimes or before going to sleep to jot down some basic observations. If you bring along a Polaroid camera, snap photos and stick them in your journal with short captions. And when you come across a special shop or restaurant, ask for a business card. It serves as a nice memento and a reminder of the name and location. 

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  1. Lama tak singgah sini, dah berwajah baru..huhu. Keep on writing okay =)

  2. love the idea of business card!

  3. salha: arigato
    jem: sy dh start lme dh... =)