Sunday, February 20, 2011

romantic husband~

Married women often complain of a lack of romance in their marriages. Sure, they know their husbands love them and they may even enjoy an excellent sex life, but they do not feel the romance in the relationship. Many men wonder what they can do to be romantic as a husband. Because men don’t crave romance the way women do, this can be a challenge. However, with a little bit of creativity and thought, any husband can be as romantic as he was when he was courting his wife.
  1. Plan a surprise date night. If you have children, arrange for babysitting, make the reservations at the restaurant and even throw in some movie or theater tickets if there is a good show in town. Tell your wife what to wear, but tell her nothing about where you are going. This is sure to sweep her off of her feet.

  2. Give her flowers for no reason. Women love to be surprised. If it is an important date, like a birthday or anniversary, flowers are expected, but unexpected flowers are one of the most romantic things a husband can do.

  3. Touch your wife frequently in a non-sexual manner. A brief caress, shoulder rub, or even hug can mean so much to your wife, especially if it is not given because you are soliciting something in the bedroom.

  4. Call your wife for no reason, just to say "I love you." If you know she is having a rough or stressful day, call to see how she is and remind her how special she is to you.

  5. Leave notes around your house. If you are not a good writer, buy cards with sayings that reflect your feelings. If your wife is headed out of town, tuck little notes into her suitcase for her to find.

  6. Remember something important to your wife and follow through on it. If you hear your wife mention that she would like to have her hair highlighted, take the initiative and buy her a gift card to her favorite salon. You can then arrange a time when she can go to have the work done. This will show your wife that you are a romantic husband because you pay attention to her wants.
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