Monday, February 21, 2011

love to travel??

Traveling is a common leisure activity, but smart travel requires experience and knowledge. Smart travel is more than saving money, it is how to plan the best vacation from packing to returning home. Using the Internet and personal experience, anyone can become a savvy traveler. 

# Use travel search engines to book the cheapest flight and hotel. You can bundle these to save the most money possible. Even if you do not need a flight and hotel, often you will find the best rates when you book the package. You do not have to utilize the services once you pay for them. Plot out what you plan to do on your trip. With an itinerary, you can plan the cheapest way to travel between locations. For example, if you are traveling to Minneapolis, you can determine if it is cheapest to rent a car or take buses between attractions. Using public transportation is not only sometimes cheaper, but also the green way to travel. Make copies of all of your important documents (such as passport, credit cards, ID, etc.) in case they are stolen. This will help the local embassy to replace these items.

# Most flights require you pay extra fees to check bags. Save money by packing light. Instead of packing three large suitcases for a week-long adventure, pack everything into your carry-on. Pack just enough outfits for your vacation and only a couple of extra pairs of socks and underwear. Plan to re-wear items such as jeans. This way you can pack one pair of pants instead of five. Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding them. Bag all of your toiletries in plastic zip lock bags. In high altitude, bottles can pop open, so bagging your toiletries may prevent a potential mess.

# When you arrive at your destination, familiarize yourself with all the important local numbers you will need. This includes any embassies (if abroad), police departments and emergency numbers. Never travel alone after dark, and use the buddy system to prevent being attacked. If you are traveling alone, stay in contact with family and friends through email or texts. This way someone knows where you are in case of an emergency.

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