Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy birthday dear kyla!!!!

I have a good friend by the name of Shakilla Hanim. She is a nice girl and a good friend too. During our Uni's life, I would admire on how she does her assignment. She is very efficient and effective too. She can do a very good one.. Owh Im sure her boss wherever she is working will like her bcoz of her work!!

She is a year older on the 18th of February. I had not get the chance to wish her as Im quit busy in the office and also at home. But of course I do remember her birthday. As usual, I don't want to wish her at facebook as there are tons of other messages too. You see, when we have some special friend, we want to wish them in some special way especially if we are miles away from them right?!

Kyla, happy birthday!!! You must be getting lots of present and wishes too. Im sorry that I wish you a bit late. But that does not mean that I forget you birthday.. I also wish that:
  • Allah will grant you long life in iman and taqwa
  • You will achieve everything that you had been wishing and dreaming before
  • You will be success in this world and also here after
  • You will always be surrounded by your loves one and those that enjoy your company!!
  • The year ahead provide a lot of wonderful surprise to you
  • Finally, I wish that we will always be friend!!

Pls: hope that she read this post that is dedicated specially for her!!! Have a great day kyla!! Cant wait for our trip to Phuket!!!! =)


  1. thanx really touch my heart!!! =)

  2. eheheheh... tk de ape la.. wish besday je..