Thursday, August 30, 2012

medical checkup +_+

Good morning people!! 

Today, I’m going to write a review on my monthly checkup. Being pregnant with the first baby made us a bit excited and blur at the same time. We had a few choices of the hospitals that we would love to go for our monthly checkup. Owh I hate going to the hospital for so many reasons. I hate the smell, I hate blood, and basically I hate everything about the hospital. But being pregnant, hospital would be my 2nd home and I have to accept that. Sob2..

For the first 3 months, I had been going to “Darul Ehsan Medical Center” (DEMC). I had been seeing Dr Mazita, one of the specialists there. She makes me feel so wanted and I would look forward toward every visit. Everything about the hospital is great I would say. Why we choose this hospital is because it is near to my mom’s house and I’m planning to deliver somewhere near to mommy’s place. But the only problem that we have is that the fees for the delivery are quite expensive (for us). For normal delivery they charges about Rm2200. With the tax, more privacy room etc, it will end up about Rm3+++ I guess. And for the c-section, it must be up to Rm5+++. 

After a deep thought, we decide to try the other hospital which is even nearer to mommy’s place. After reading a few review on “Hospital Bersalin Umra”, we decided to give it a try. My friend had been recommending Dr Ummul as one of the specialist there. She is a very busy person I would say, and I had to wait like ages just to see her. I got the chance to see her once, and I like her that very moment. But the thing is, she is hardly in the hospital now and I therefore had to see the other Doctors. Owh I hate it to keep on seeing the entire different Dr each time of my visit to the hospital. I believe that I have to have the connection with the Dr or midwives or those that going to help me deliver the baby soon. (Yes, I’m a very choosy and fussy) At the same time, this hospital charges about half of the price compare to the previous one. I guess I just have to put my faith in god and pray for the best.

I had been thinking about the government hospital too, the one which is near to my house, Hospital Putrajaya. But Mr Husband doesn’t think that would be a great idea. For now, I just don’t want to think much and hope that the baby arrived into this world safely.. *sigh* 

P/s: Is it possible to have a home birthing at ‘The Farm’?? (hehehe.. you will only understand this if you read “Guide to Childbirth”.. Till then, see u in the next post. Happy independence day and happy long weekend!!!

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