Tuesday, September 4, 2012

shopping for baby things~

Good morning people!!

How are you? Ok straight to the point, today I’m going to write a review on where I bought all of my baby stuff. At first I was quit blur on what brand to choose and what is the essential things that I have to buy etc. As you know there are so many baby products outside there in the market and being the eldest in the family, I don’t have any big sister to refer to. Owh well, I have to do my own research and buy things based on my own judgment. It was quit fun though. (Not for Mr. Husband I guess.. hehehe)

Basically, I buy all of my baby things at the baby expo. Why? This is because I can get a cheaper price there. Besides, everything is under one roof so it makes shopping a much easier. But you must prepare your list first; otherwise u will end up buying all the unnecessary things as the baby things are always so cute and adorable. 

I had been to 2 of the baby expo and manage to buy most of the things that I needed there. Another piece of advice, do your shopping when you are in your 2nd trimester. Which mean when you are in your 4th or 5th or 6th month of the pregnancy. When you are reaching the final stage of your trimester, you will get tired easily. Besides, the urge to go to the toilet about every 15 minutes is really not a fun thing while shopping isn’t it?! 

Thank god that I had done with my shopping. Last week, when I went to the mall, instead of going to the toilet 2 times in 4 hours, I actually when to the toilet like 10 times and it was not fun at all!! I just love walking in the mall but my body can’t take it any more I guess. Before, I can walk through out the mall for the whole day, but now, 1 or 2 hours is more than enough. (I mean when you are 7th month pregnant)

Ok people, that’s all for today!! Will write again soon!! See you!! And have a wonderful day ya~

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