Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby’s 1st kick^

Being pregnant, I just can’t wait to feel the baby’s 1st kick. How does it feel? Will it hurt? Owh I just can’t wait. So I waited day by day with a curiosity feeling. 

Until one day, I was fasting on that day, after read a few pages from the Quran; I suddenly feel a small plop. It was so cute. I was thinking to my self, this can’t be the kick that I had been waiting for. So I try to rub my tummy to see what it was. Then, another plop appears. It was a small movement just like a kick. I was smiling the whole time after that because I find it to be so cute. 

This unforgettable moment happen on my 21th week. And starting from that day, the baby never stops kicking. I notice that he wont kick if I was busy doing things, when I’m running here and there doing the house chores or at work. But as soon as I sit down try to relax and have some rest, the kick will also appear. At night, the moment I put my head on the pillow to sleep, he will start kicking. Naughty boy ya!! Is this just happen to my boy or every baby is the same? 

Now, in my 30th week, the kick is more than just tiny little kicks. It feels like the movement of the whole body. The baby is moving here and there. I guess the baby’s temporary room inside there is getting smaller day by day, therefore I can feel the movement when he tries to swim around. Sometimes it does hurt a little bit. But the feeling is great. At least I know that he is doing fine playing inside mommy’s tummy!!

My feeling right now? I just can’t wait to cuddle my little boy and wish he will always be my little baby!!! Till then, have a great day people!!

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