Monday, September 10, 2012

Ernest Murals in George Town!!

Good morning dear readers!! How are you? How was your weekend? Did you have a great weekend?! I did have a great one! There was a wedding in Penang, so all of us travel there to attend the occasion. 

During the day, I get the chance to visit the famous Georgetown which is the capital of the state of Penang. Besides, On 7 July 2008, George Town was, together with Malacca, formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia. Owh I just love this old historic town so much. But I did not get a chance to explore the whole town, maybe next time.

The highlight of my visit to Georgetown is to see the famous mural that had been published in the few local newspapers recently. I was so excited to see it myself. The mural or drawing is done by Ernest Zacharevic which is a young Lithuania-born artist. This comes in the form of beautifully executed wall paintings, or murals, at selected streets in the inner city. The project, known as Mirrors George Town, is part of George Town Festival 2012.

Below are some of the drawings that I manage to captured.

 the artist himself!!

 "little boy with pet"

 "boy on a bike"

 Mr Hubby trying to make a suitable pose with the drawing..

 "little children on a bike"

 Ehem2.. at my 32 weeks of pregnancy!! another 8 weeks to go!!

 "reaching up"

"this old man".. only manage to snap this pic from the car..

P/s: Tips of the day, if you really want to find out about these places, and snap a few photos, do come early as 8am. Otherwise, it will be too crowded with tourist. Besides that, there are also bicycle rental in the town. Maybe you can park your car at 1 spot and cycle to this few locations. The mural is scattered around the town but quit near to each other. It is quit easy to find them. 

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