Monday, January 31, 2011

strawberry + chocolate..

I love strawberries.. but sometimes, it can be quit sour and not really sweet.. so I decided to try something new with the strawberries.. ok strawberries and chocolate might not be a new thing, but to make it myself instead of buying it is a new experiment for me.. Let me share it with you how to make your own strawberries with chocolate.. all you need is strawberries, other fruits can also be used.. cut them into small pieces..and a chocolate bar.. (heat it up in the microwave, so that it melt..) I had tried using the chocolate syrup, but it wont turn out nice as went you use the chocolate bar... =)

it is ready!! I know it look unrepresentable, but it really taste great.. especially when you have limited resources... =)


  1. hehehe.. try la buat.. senang n sedap juga la.. buah lain pon ok je..