Friday, January 21, 2011

wool + needle..

Last few weeks I find out that kak fat was busy knitting something.. the sweater or is it a jumper or whatever it is called, soon completed.. I was quit surprise to found out bout this other wonderful surprise.. all you need is just a wool and needle with some patience and creativity I guess..

After I found out that kak fat can do some knitting and is willing to spend some time to teach me, I become enthusiastic!!! I bought a wool and a needle too.. with the hope that i can make a winter cap or anything easy..

so the knitting class start.. I learn how to make this flower!!.. I took 30 to 60 minute to complete this..but after a week, I totally forget how to make this thing?!

kak fat make this one in just 5 to 10 minutes..she make it so fast and plus, it is neat too.. =)

p/s: this class only lasted for 1 week.. now, im just so lazy to continue.. what a lazy girl I am??!!

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