Friday, January 21, 2011

madinat zayed..

When you said that you are going to Abu Dhabi, friends and family will start to ask you to buy the nice Abaya or the black cloak. Some would love to buy the Jubah or the long robe for man too.  But where to get the cheap and affordable Abaya/ Jubah as the Abaya that you found in the mall are expensive.. Same goes to the scarf. Where to get the nice and fashionable scarves?
I would like to recommend you a place were you can buy a cheap scarves in Abu Dhabi.. There is a mall called Madinat zayed shopping center. This mall has lots of shop selling scarf and Abaya. The Abayas are around Dhs200+++ (in the other shopping mall, the price would be Dhs1000++) they have very beautiful design here..
As for the scarf, there is shop inside Madianat Zayed and near to the internet center which sell quit cheap and assorted type of scarves.. if you would happen to visit Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to go to Madinat Zayed ya!!
P/s: for those who would like to buy more cheaper Abaya, they should go to Hamdan street.. the range of Abaya over there is between Dhs60 – Dhs100++ (the key word is, you have to bargain for the price)
the gold center is the other side of Madinat Zayed Shopping center. they are in the same building actually.

in the gold center, all of the shop only sell gold? are the price cheaper here? im not so sure about that..

more gold shops..

in front of Madinat Zayed on Friday.. you just feel like you are in India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh... hehehe

we had our dinner here. the food court in Madinat Zayed..

just another fast food..

then we had a supper..

we had this one.. so nice!! (some time you should reward and just pamper yourself at this kind of cafe..after all you deserve some special treat rite???)

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