Thursday, January 20, 2011

ship + sea + sea breeze..

hi dear readers.. 

How are all of you? Hope that all of you are fine.. Today i would like to write about Port Mina in Abu Dhabi. When Hubby come to here, we had the opportunity to visit this port. When I told my colleagues that we when here, they laugh at me as there is nothing much to see by the port except for the ship and the sea... As for me, I love these two the most.. It is so peaceful to look at the sea.. And the smell of the sea are just so fresh and refreshing..

the story of how we reached here was unbelievable.. we were almost lost and had to walk quit far.. soon we reached this area..

look at the color of the sea!!! I did not edited all of this picture.. the color of the sea is just like in the swimming pool.. don't you think so??

there are few of the wooden ship laying by the port.. with the flag of UAE on top of it.. just love to see these ships..

then we saw the rowing boat.. is it call rowing boat? im not so sure what is the name of this boat...

still remember my entry on the Dhow cruising? this is the dhow during the day time..

MasyaAllah!! just look at the color of the sea!! it is so clear and greenish blue.. just love it!!

more pictures of the ships and the workers..

these are the net used to catch the fishes and the seafood.. it is made from metal..

the port with the background of Abu Dhabi city... modern port I guess..

there are also a group of youngster rowing the row boat.. the teacher is in the other speed boat next to it.. teaching how to row the boat with jubah / robe?? =)

just to show how blue is the sea..

a group of duck or bird?? I cant really make up which type are they? is it a duck? but they can fly like the birds..

more on the metal net..

the port with the high building behind it..

bigger ship.. that's how we end up our port visit.. really had a great time here.. especially if we were here with the one that we love the most... =)


  1. bese je.. tk edit pon... ltk bulat2..

  2. cantik ! tapi mana gambar orang nya syg ?

  3. kne ltk ke gambao org?? heheheeh.. nnt la k.. org nye tk reti nk pose =)

  4. hehe..lawak la ajar dayung sampan tu. siap pakai jubah lagi kot! hehe =P

  5. hehehehe.. kt sini laki bese nye pkai jubah.. tp if swim mayb tk kot.. kt bandar, kt sahara, kt Mall, semua tempai mesti akn jumpe yg pkai jubah...

  6. tim, ni aina mardia ^^
    aina da follow tim.
    cerita yg menarik =)

  7. heheeh.. thanks.. dh follow awk jugak =)