Friday, July 22, 2011

second job~

Still remember my previous experience working in that company?? I only work for 1 day. The next day, I started to look for a job through Then I come across an advertisement looking for a kindergarten teacher. And the most important part is that, it is situated in Putrajaya. Which mean, I don’t have to travel far to go to work. I send my resume immediately and to my surprise, they called me that afternoon asking when I’m free for an interview. 

I was so excited to go for the interview the next morning. It took me about 10 minutes drives to the kindergarten. The interview when very well I could say. I was so happy to be inside the center. I was smiling at the whole time. I can’t believe it that I am so near to my dream job. And after the interview, they told me to report on 1st of august. Does it mean that I was accepted??! Just from the first interview?? I have learned that there are a few people coming for the interview and all of them are a degree holder. Little did I know that to be a kindergarten teacher u must have a degree too? 

Well, what more can I say?! I’m just so excited with my new job and really looking forward to it?? Will I only end up being a preschool teacher after all these years of studies?? Don’t worry people, I have my own plan. InsyaAllah I will succeed in my own way.. As long as I have my own mission and vision and know what I really want in life, things will fall easily in its place..  InsyaAllah



  1. tim pnah keje kt kumon? mcm pnah dgr tim pnah keje ctu nk ty basic salary die bape ek..

  2. hi nani.. aah kite pernah kerje kumon dulu.. tp tu 6 thn lps kot.. dh lame sgt. lg pon time tu kerje part time je. dia pay base on jam yg kite kerje.. if awk berminat, cuba pegi try tnya or kol je center tu.. ok??