Thursday, July 21, 2011

my first job~

Hi all..

How are u? How’s life? How’s working life? Is everything good so far?? I’m sorry for not be able to update this blog for such a long time.. Many things happen lately and I am left with no more time to blog (I’m a bit lazy lately.. hehehe)

Ok today Im going to tell u about my first day working. After I come back from my practical in Abu Dhabi, I was offered a job in Cahaya Spk. It is a property company. I was supposed to resume work on the 1st July, but due to a circumstance, I start working on 18th of July. 

The office is located somewhere near Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam. On the first day, I travel from Putrajaya and it takes me about 40 minutes. (pheeew) When I reach the office (it was actually a bungalow and is transform into an office), I went inside and met the secretary. I was surprised to see that she did not know the company is taking a new staff. She made a few phone calls and asks me to have a sit and wait there. Then, the general manager arrived; luckily she was aware that I am starting working on that day. 

Soon, she called me inside her room and starts to interview me. She asked me on what is my interest, do I really interested in the property field etc. I told her that I’m not so sure on what is my interest. I’m just planning to work there so that I can gain some experience. I started to like this manager as she is more like a counseling teacher giving an advice to her student. She also asked me weather I want to work permanently or temporary. I told her that I’m planning to work for 2 months. 

At the end of this counseling session, I know that I did not really enjoy this field and have really no interest in it. I told my self that I will give a one week try working in this company. Soon, the manager have to go somewhere for a meeting and will not come in the office for the rest of the day. 

Basically, I did not do anything for the whole day. I just spend the time reading newspapers and also the Readers Digest that I brought with me. Owh I did went to an induction courses in the morning. And the secretary did bring me around to show the office and also introduce me to all of the staff. Then I went to have lunch with dear officemate. There is no eating place in that area. So we have to go out about 15 minute drives just to have our lunch. At this time, I told myself that I’m going to work only for 1 day. My heart is not really into all these.

There is no problem with the working place or the company, but it is just me.. I don’t have interest in the job. I just want to work in a place that I am happy and have interest in it so that I can put my full effort to it. 

Besides that, the company did offer to pay me quit a number of salary. But, when your heart is not into it, there is nothing much that u can do about it.  And guess what?? I only work for one day. When I come back from work that day, I called up the manager and told her my situation. She truly understands my situation and asked me to write a resign letter. So, basically, this is my experience on my first job!! 

How about u my dear friend? Are u happy with your job? What did u choose between money and job satisfaction? Wish u all the best in finding your dream job!!!!

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