Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diploma Days..

hi readers!!!

Yesterday, i had been spending my time clean up the room which is so full with books and boxes. all of the books are from my student days until now.. hope u enjoy the pics.. i think i have to make few entries on this topics as there are alot of pics that i want to share with u.. =)

 the condition of the room..

 this was my induction pamphlet on my 1st day as a diploma student in Uitm Kelantan.. i think, out of few hundred student register with me, im the only one that still have all these.. 

during that time, i just love to read Readers Digest.. look properly, there are two same books. cant remember how that happen..

 these are my note books.. i have different books for each subject. just as we did when we were in school. lets check whats inside these books =)

 i just love to write with pencils.. it is so full isn't it??

 it can be colorful sometimes..

 this is one of the most challenging subject.. what did i write here?? dont really understand it now.. can u guess what subject is this??

 these are the past years papers during those days..

 still have some of the assignments..

 this was the assignment for Law subject. the lecturer told us that he loves Ferrari and anything with red colors.. he told us that who insert the pictures of the car will get a good marks.. most of us did put the pictures in the assignment.. funny huh?!

 in the other assignment, we were required to answer the past year papers in witting. and it has to be individually.. the lecturer even had the time to mark each page. =)

 these are the examination pad that i use for calculation subject such as Accounting, Maths, statistics and finance..

 i dont understand a thing now when i look at it again.. 

these are my collection of notes and manual of each subject..
 i will explain more in the next entry k.. stay tune...

 P/s: i throw all these after took their pictures.. =(

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