Sunday, November 28, 2010



I rested well last night. I woke up at 5.30am and it is still very dark. Go to sleep again. Woke up at 6.30am.. the house is still so quite. Again, go to bed. Finally woke up at 7.30am. cant sleep anymore. 

So happy to receive sms from hubby.  Try to sms mom but did not get through. And the credit is also finishing. Later ask hubby to top up for me. Don’t know what to do. Just lie down on the bed. Im thinking of arranging my stuff in the cupboard provided.

So I woke up and start to unpacked. Try to do it slowly as roommate is still sleeping. Then I took a shower at about 9am. The toilet was damn beautiful and clean. Thanks to roommate as she must be the one that clean it up. Later I went downstairs to have my breakfast. Meet one of the housemate ~ kak Fuzaimah. She is married with 2 kids. All of them stay in 1 room. At that time she is cooking the spaghetti. I try to heat up the “rendang” that my mom cooked the day before. I eat it with rice. I was so hungry at that time. Luckly I brought the “rendang” with me.

Then I go up to my room and roommate had already woke up =) finally… we had a light chat.. only to find out that her husband do know my husband. And I also know some of her frens.. heheh what a small world rite?? Im quit relieve as I think I have a connection with dear roommate. Not a totally stranger I guess. =) owh btw her name is Nurul Aini, a name that I had already known a month before I come here..

Then later she asked me to eat with her. And I eat for the second time. Owh I forgot to mention about my housemate…

My room consists of me and aini. Next door, Mr Aizam or nizam – not so sure about his name. he stay alone here. Then kak Fuzaimah, her husband and the two kids. Kak Fathiyah in the other room. Downstairs got two rooms. One for the maid (kak Fuzaimah’s) and the other room is for the two boys ~ sham and don’t know the name of the other one.  So, there are eleven of us stay in 1 villa. I wonder how much does it cost to rent the villa.. hmmm

Later, at 2pm, I eat again. Hmm.. I already eat 3 times by 2pm?? Owh gosh.. then kak Fathiyah decided to take me and aini to the palm date festival at Abu Dhabi national exhibition center (ADNEC).. will have a separate entry about it k..

p/s: when im writing this entry, dear roommate is watching “kuch kuch hota hai”….waa feel like crying.. 

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