Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 month old =)

hi everyone!! 

this blog is finally 1 month old!! as promised, im going to organize a small contest to my dear readers. the contest is so easy!! anyone can enter in this so called contest..
the question ~ please write why you like to read this blog.. you can also put any suggestion in it. 

it is easy rite? just write anything you want and how long you what are you waiting for? write to me now and send it to all the answer must reach me by 31/12/2010.. I will announce the winner here and will post the present to the lucky winner!! is it ok??gud luck everyone!!


  1. wahhh. present from Dubai? ;D

  2. yup.. harus la.. tp kecik je la utk permulaan ni... huhu

  3. bila keputusannye keluar? hehe...