Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 million hour without accident celebration..

We had a party at the site office last week. This is coz we manage to hav 2 million hour of non accidental at the construction site. We get this award from the construction consultant. This party will only happen when the boss is not around.. hehehe.. or maybe the boss too will join when he is around??

There is a lot of food!!! I mean it when I said a lot!! There are also a lot of the stuff on that day.. But there are a lot of the food’s leftovers too. There are lucky draw after the eating time. Each lucky person will get Dhs100. that is a lot yeah!! But im not that lucky to get it =(

Enjoy the picture k..

the picture below is the leftovers =(


  1. yes its briyani!! kat sini if buat mkn2 mesti briyani.. n briyani ni plg murah for 1 person is Dhs10.. =( plg mahal maybe dlm Dhs40 and ke atas..