Tuesday, December 7, 2010

fisrt working day!!

Hi dear readers,

How are you guys?? Hope that you all are fine!! As for me here, I’m not in a good condition. I got flu recently. So sorry coz I did not write for quit sometimes. There are so many things that I want to share with all of you. And now, I did not know which one to start first =(

Ok I guess I will write about my office first ok!!

My office where I do my practical training is not far from where I stay. I can even walk there but did not try it yet..hehe. it is a house that had been converted into an office. So my first day in the office was 27/11. Here, the working days is from Saturday till Thursday for the private sector. And as for the government, they have Friday and Saturday as the day off. That mean I will only get 1 day off.. =(

So, on the first day, there was nothing much for me to do. At first, I just sat on my place (they had provide a place for me with a laptop.. right in front of the office. I cant really play here and there) and I almost fall asleep coz nothing to do. Then Kak fat (you know who I mean right) ask me to type the job description. I was placed under the admin department.  Finally I have something to do.. 

Later the boss or the CEO of the company (Mr. Allan) called me. I was so nervous at that time. Then he asks about the topic that im planning to do for the project paper. I was so unprepared. I told him that after I discus with my lecturer, I will come back to him.. oh.. I don’t like meeting him.. 

Then it is the lunch time!! I was hungry by then. Our lunch time is at 12 till 1pm. We brought with us our lunch box to save up. Everyone do the same in fact. Owh, by the way, I did not know what is wrong with the company or the employees.. it is already lunch time n they did not hurry to the pantry. Later, when it almost 1pm then they will go to eat.. hmm all office is the same or just mine is the weirdo??

I just spend the whole day typing!! It is so boring and tiring. I hate office or corporate life. For me, it is better to sit in the class and listen to the lecture. Owh I miss my student life!! I miss my old library!!

I keep on looking at the watch. It is already 5pm and everyone is still in their place doing their work. What time does this office stop?? Then later, I was inform that the office hour end at 5pm but they will do their work till 6pm or 7pm. As I follow kak fat, she will only come back after 7pm. Waa I want to cry coz im so tired!!

Later we go back home. We had simple dinner. I take a bath and straight to the bed!! This is the most tiring day in my life. I was so stressful and miserable.. 

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