Wednesday, December 15, 2010

global environment..

The company that I do my practical training has a lot of different nationality. There are people from Egypt, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Syria, China, etc..

So, can you imagine how the environment of the office is? When im busy doing my work at my table, there is a sound of Mr. K.C Lai talking in Chinese to Linen the girl from China across the room. They are sitting across the room, plus Mr. K.C’s voice is quit loud. Hehehe.. Then you can also hear Mr. Khaled, the Syrian man talking in Arabic to Reem, the Egyptian girl. Then, the Philippines girls around me will forever talking Philippines among themselves. Kak fat talks to me in Malay. And then there is a customer or suppliers, they will talk in English. When the general workers come to the corporate office, they will converse in either Indian or Urdu!!! How many languages are being spoken in this office?? =)

It is really one world in a small office!! 

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