Monday, December 20, 2010

La Brioche..

Today I would like to share with all of you about this one eating place (an expensive one) in front of my office. You can say it is the expansive shop by just looking at the outer design of the shop.

It is called LA BROICHE.. It is sooo expensive. I don’t know, may be for me who is trying to save as much as I can…

Kak Fat suggests that we go to this shop one day for lunch. Deep inside me, I thought that I won’t eat here. Just accompany Kak fat.

When the waitress gives me the menu, I got so shocked. Everything is expensive. I did not order anything. Kak Fat orders a spaghetti, a soup and a carrot juice and she even order a bottle of mineral bottle for me (later I found out that it is Dhs8). We get a basket of bread for free. I only eat that. And it’s a lot though. Later I tasted the food. It is nice as its price!!

When the bills come, I almost fainted!! It cost us Dhs80+++… hmm don’t know what to say..

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