Monday, December 20, 2010

Malaysian Embassy..

The Malaysian embassy in Abu Dhabi had make a small gathering between the owner of Malaysian company here and also the Malaysian lecturers that are doing the research in Abu Dhabi as I had mention in the previous entry. My big boss had invited me to join in as I can do some research for my report. Im so happy that I had been invited.

We reach the embassy place at about 7 something. And we are the first one to arrive. We just site in side of the house and admire its beauty while taking pictures. I was informed later that the ambassador was back in Malaysian at that time, so he was not there.

Later, the guess starts to arrive. The menu for that night is NASI LEMAK!! And they had catered the Malaysian caterer too. The food was so nice!! After all, it is free!!

The activity for that night was basically a personal interview with the leader of the company, eating activity and mingling around.

After everything is done, we go back home at 10.30pm.

P/s: I had been to the Malaysian embassy in Abu Dhabi, finally!!!!!

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