Monday, December 27, 2010

medical checkup..

Today I have to do my medical check up in order to apply for the labor card. It is not so easy to enter and work abroad ok people.. After the immigration had stamp my visa, now I had to do my medical check up. The result of the medical check up will be out in 2 days time.  I went to Abu Dhabi Hospital with Dost (a Pakistani) the company driver.

Guess what?! I told him to speak Urdu with me coz I did not talk Urdu for such a long time. I did not want to loose that language after how hard I had learned it. The journey is quit far so I had the chance to talk and talk in Urdu with him. Then he commented, “Your Urdu is good. You can understand 90% of it..” huhu I think he is exaggerating as my Urdu is not that good.. =)  

Then we reach the hospital. There is a special section for the ladies. All of the staff and  doctors are women.. It is so cool!! All of the staff is wearing the black abaya. There is also some of them who cover their face while working.. (It is called niqab if im not mistaken…) the service is good and fast.. There is no TV or music being played in there. I just love the working environment. It is so relax.. Most of the women that do their medical check up are the Philippine. At this time, im feeling im like the Indonesian working in Malaysia.  

First I have to pay Dhs250 for the medical check up. Then I have to do the eye screening. Then I have to line up to see the doctor. She is a nice lady.

Doctor: Are you married or single?
Tim: (Im I Married? Huhu sometimes I can forget my status as we are far apart and still newly wed) yes Im married
Doctor: Are you pregnant?
Tim: No (As soon as possible and loudly) huhu

Then I have to go to the other room for the blood test.. oh I really don’t like this part. Ok then the blood test is also done, I have to wait for the x-ray test.. All together I have to go to 5 different sections. Then it is done and the staff told me that the result will be out in 2 days time.  

Then on the way back to the office, we chat again in Urdu!!  Later, Dost take me to eat at this Pakistani restaurant in Mussaffah. But later we decided to take away. He bought for me the food with 3 type of dish (chicken, mutton and fish). Im so touch with his kindness. He told me that he did not have the chance to take me to eat. (The Arab culture is popular in term of serving their guest. They really honored their guest) When we reach at the office, he told me that my Urdu is 99% good.. He is exaggerating again..

P/s: while im writing this blog, Dost is telling Reem (the Egyptian receptionist) how good my Urdu is.. huhu oh Dost!! (In Urdu, Dost mean Friend) im so happy today coz I can practice my Urdu after 6 years I left that language… hope that I can improve my Urdu within this 4 months.. I want to practice my Arabic too!! Who want to speaks Arabic with me? Maybe Reem?? 

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