Sunday, December 19, 2010


I got 1 funny story to share with all of you. Last night, we are planning to go to the Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi after work. It is an expensive hotel. It is said that it is a 7 star hotel. Now they are having this “most expensive Christmas tree” to be entered in the world book of record!! it cost 11 million dollars.. They hang all the jewelries on the tree.. It holds a total of 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones...

We are so excited to go there. We even dress up properly. I borrowed kak fat’s leather jacket. =)we are prepared to tell the guard that we are going for a drink as it is quit difficult to enter the hotel. 

So, finally we arrive there. I just feel like a Cinderella as the hotel is like a real PALACE!! It is so huge and beautiful. Plus we go there at night.

The guard at the door stopped us and asks us where we want to go. We told him that we are going for a drink. Then he asked us if we had made any reservation? We said no!! That’s it!! We were told to come tomorrow and not allow to enter =( so sad yeah??

So later we went to the Central Market (which is due to be launched next month).. will write more later k..

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