Saturday, January 1, 2011

from your heart~

Salam Kak Tim :)

Well I have been checking for my Facebook home page and suddenly your timakafatima had just catch my attention. em, tak salah kalau kite cube nasib kat blog my senior :) nk jugak hadiah. huhuu

personaly, i really love reading your blog and it's such an aspiration for me :) 

i really love the content of the blog its self from the first entry to the current entry, seriously, i adore with you and how you manage yourself of being 
a practical student in the abroad. 

my fav entry would be "true in life" 
kirim salam kite kat Marvin ek :) 
ckp dengan die, being an only school graduate in the age 30's is not a big deal to cont. study. 
and the best malay idioms that perfectly suitable for him is "nak seribu day, tak nak seribu dalih".

ok la kak tim, kite ucapkan semoga berjaya di Abu Dhabi :)

with love, 
Ivan Sulaiman
(Zein UiTM Machang) 
FB: Ivan Sulaiman

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  1. Homaigod!!! Kite menang! huuhuhu
    yahoo!! nanti kite antar email kat kat tim ek :)