Thursday, January 6, 2011

from what I observe... part 1

Currently, I’m in a lazy mode to blog. Did not know why.. I’m more interested to look out for other blogs and surf the internet on what place should I visit around Europe if I had the chance later on. By surfing the internet, now I’m aware of the world’s map!! I gain a lot of knowledge by just surfing the net.. Before this, I’m totally lost. If you mention about any country or places in Europe, I can’t understand a thing!! Huhu bad huh?!

Ok, today, I would like to write about the culture of Emirates people.. (Now I feel like I’m teaching “Cross Cultural Management “subject) I had been here for about 6 weeks already now. There are a lot that I can observe and I would to share it with all of my dear readers.

Arab Women
The local women here are so pretty, Masya Allah!! I don’t think I ever met a local girl who is not pretty. I will look at them with full of admiration every time when we go out. Most of them I can say, wear the black cloak or Abaya. Some of them cover their face. There are also some that wear the sheyla (the long scarf) but the hair is showing. They really take care of themselves. Did they wear the make up? I did not know but the eyeliner is a must.. All of them just look like actresses. There are also some of them that do not wear the Abaya. The hair is so MasyaAllah. Sometimes, while walking in the mall or all the street, I think that I’m in a Fashion Show program.. =) They like to wear hills too. And the shocking part is, all of them are in the same slim size. How that they do it?! I did not see any oversize lady in Abu Dhabi.. But the old one sometimes are bigger little bit. But I guess it normal especially after we give birth.. And I hardly see any lady wearing the glasses. They really take care of their eyes or did they wear contact lenses? Basically these are all that I can see in Arab lady.

Arab Men
They are handsome in their own way.. Arab men mostly wear the white Jubbah and a piece of cloth with the round rope on their head. They wear this Jubbah every where, in the mall, in the desert, in the market, to work, in the park etc. It is so peaceful to look at it. They are also slim, hardly can see any oversize men here. They are tall =).. What else can I say about the Arab men? Hmm basically that's it.. (I hardly know any of them and I did not stare at them too long though) 

Arab Children
The small one is all dress up by their parent. They are forever looking cute and nice in their dressing. They really look like a spoil brat. Huhu. I can see that the way their hair were tide, so fashionable and adorable. The small one do not wear scarf until they attain maturity I guess. The entire parent had their stroller if they had small kids. These are easy for them to shop around.

The Social Activity
The Arab people do not hugs and kisses in public. Only some of the husband and wife hold hand while walking. And in most cases we just understood that they are married. In public, there are hardly and dating activity without the third party, it can be the girl’s friend or relative. Mostly what I can see are only families everywhere. I did not know if what I observe and understand are true or not.. =)

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