Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Legend of BM226 5C~

Today I would like to write about my classmate. I had such a wonderful classmate!! We are quit close with each other. At first, we hardly know each other. But after 3 semesters together, we are so sad when we have to depart for our practical training. Thanks guys for being such a great friend!! Hope our friendship will never end. I miss you guys a lot!! I really miss it when we are so naughty in the class and most of the lecturer cant take it.. huhu. But that what makes them remember about us the most rite?? And I can still remember how we use to cheat in most of the test in the class!! We are just so naughty!! Cant wait to see you guys again!!!

we hardly know each other at this time..
by this time, we are so unite.. can just see by the same color of the shirts..

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