Sunday, February 6, 2011

after 10 weeks in AD..

Time is really flying!!! This morning, when I thick off my calendar (every morning routine.. without a miss), then I realize that I had been staying 10 weeks already in this Arab country.. I can still remember my 1st day in Abu Dhabi clearly.. Now, I will be staying for another 10 weeks here, and soon go back to Malaysia.. I will going to miss this place for sure.. This piece of land which I would describe as a land for rich people.. =)

I’m getting use to office life. As an internship student, I’m required to help here and there where possible. They had placed me under the Hr & Admin section. So my job mainly is to type the Hr form which is endless.. =) But for this two weeks, the bosses are not around as they had go back for vacation. So, there is nothing for me to do. For this two weeks, I just come to work idly and wondering blindly.. hehehe I feel sinful too, but just relax and enjoy it while it last.. oh there is a new worker in the company, Kak Ira. She sits next to me. Thanks God, at last, I have someone to talk to and a friend to share stories with. You see, it is quit boring when we don’t have buddy in the office (I mean sitting next to us, rite??) And she treat me like her baby sister too =)

At home, I’m more close to the kids nowadays. I will spend some time watching a Malay/ Indonesian series (bawang merah bawang putih, Magika, Senario) with Aisya (she is 12 years old BTW). If nothing to do, I will be searching the net, read up my book or do some cleaning up. Normally I Skype with my mom on Friday morning and also Monday morning. YM with Mr. Husband the whole day and we will Skype when he is free..

Now, talking bout food, I usually eat bread more than anything else. If we go outing, then I will buy some special food. I normally eat bread with creekers, bread with salad, fruits, meggi noodle, etc. You see, the office organize a party quit often. If there is any staff leaving, birthday or any special occasion, then I will get the chance to eat nice food for free. And I really love it bcoz I eat a lot rite.. =) and I will keep the leftovers too..

Owh, I almost forget to tell you guys that the Malaysian Community is organizing the Ambassador Cup 2011. There are few game that are being highlighted such as Badminton, Bowling, Captain ball, Football and.. (I cant recalled the last one).. So I’m participating the Captain Ball. It is similar or more like the Netball, but since the game will be played in Dubai and they did not have the pole, so one of the member must stand on the chair and catch the ball that is being thrown to her. I guess that is the only different between Netball and Captain Ball. I did not know who invent this game. I just heard it now.. So, by now, you can already guess who will be that pole rite? Yes it is me who is acting like the pole. During the first meeting, I had already introduced my self “hi, Im Fatima, the pole of the game”… so the job is secured and were given to me.. Wish me luck everybody!! The Abu Dhabi team is going to play all out as they want to win the cup. The game is schedule next Friday (11/2/2011) in Dubai.

Our (Aini & me) outing activity had been a bit slow now as Kak Fat is on vacation. There is no one to drive us around. We had tried the bas last Thursday nite. And we had a great time although a bit tired.

What else? I guess that’s all that is happening around me now. I will continue writing and updating you later k..

p/s: I think I’m becoming the Malaysian version of Anne Frank. For those who are not aware of who is Anne Frank, please click here ... bye

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