Friday, February 11, 2011

training time..

  Hi people.. Actually i don't really want to write this entry, but that fat Bosnian girl insisted me to write bcoz she would like to have a great time laughing at me.. This entry is about the training that we are having before our captain ball match. enjoy the pic ok..

before the training.. in front of the Villa.. Btw, we are practicing at night, so I had put my sweater on in case it is cold.. but thank God, it is not that cold..
the field with the spotlight by the side..
can you see anything?? everyone is practicing really hard as we want to won the match..
during break time, we found out this Persian cat and pose with it, although it is not in a good mood..
me.. on top of the chair as the pole..
the chair broke.. imagine how is the-person-that-is-standing on it's condition...
but the practice continue regardless of what happen..(bcoz we don't have enough player at this time, the husbands also join in.. but me, just standing there on the chair as a pole) is the picture too dark? will do another post on the match day itself ok? which is tomorrow.. wish us luck everybody!!!

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