Saturday, April 2, 2011

sushi in Abu Dhabi...

last Friday we went to eat at a sushi restaurant in Masdar city. there are not so many outlet selling sushi food here in Abu Dhabi. the shop is called Sumo Sushi & Bento. I totally forgot to take picture of the shop. next time if I got the chance to go there i will take pictures of the shop ok.. =)

this is what i order. if im not mistaken, it is chicken katsu bento.. it was nice but a bit too much. i should have share it with someone else..

this what kak fat order. it is some thing tempura. i will check it again and update later ok..

this is Amani's food. cant also remember this thing.. will update late on..

the exciting moment with the food..

cant really finish up the food =(

lets pack it and take away?! but what's inside??

only 3 piece of chicken strip with some vege... hehehe


  1. aah best sgt.. tk sempat nk tulis description lg kt gamba2 tu.. nnt kite baiki post tu..

  2. hi tim! :D this is my favorite japanese rest in dubai! sedap & affordable! and the one u ordered - chicken katsu is my fav! tak penah order benda lain, n yes, portion byk tp tu yg best tu hahahaha.. :P

  3. syigim, hi!! diorng br buka Sumo ni kt Abu Dbahi. kt masdar city!!! best sgt. Masdar ni mcm scince institute tp tk siap properly lg. dia ade special transportation untk g sne, smthng mcm train without a driver. totally recommended. your boys surely going to love it!! nnt pergi tau masdar city ni =)