Sunday, May 29, 2011

saving $$$..

hi guys!!

How are you?? Today im going to write about saving.. Most of us save our money rite? Is there anyone who does not save the money of the salaries that they get?? ehehehehe.. normally, we save our money bcoz of some reason. Maybe for the wedding, for traveling, or maybe for the honeymoon, to buy a car, to buy a house, for the children or it can be anything else. It is really up to you rite, after all, it is your money..

As for me who had got married, had went honeymoon, had been traveling for a bit, had buy a car, now our saving money will be use to rise a kid. it sound easy but it do cost a sum of money. But one of my friend once told me that a child is born with his/ her own "rezeki" so i guess i dont have to worry about the money right??

But the important thing is that we have to save up our money for our future usage. Lets start to save!!!

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