Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!!

Hi!!! Happy weekend dear readers!! How are u?? What did u do today? Busy shopping? Spending some time with ur family? I just hope that u had a great weekend with ur dear ones!!

As for me, I went to the 4th Putrajaya international hot air balloon fiesta 2012!! It was a great event I would say. I think the reason why I could go there is because it was so close by to our home. Just about 5 or 10 minutes drive and we were already there. u see, if u want to see these balloons, u must be there at about 7am. Otherwise, all of the balloons will be gone and u will be going home feeling frustrated.
 setting up..

When we reached there, they were busy filling up the balloons with the air and lighting up the fire to make it fly away.. owh u know how does it work =)  I am so happy as I get the opportunity to see all of the balloons fly away..
 a cake?? glups

 up up and away!!

 a tree with colorful parrots..

 telephone booth!!

 iwi the kiwi!!

 this one r open to public.. u just pay rm10 and u can ride this one!! but it will only take 5 minutes to go up and down again..

This fiesta is a great place for family to spend times together as there r a lot of activities provided besides than just watching the hot air balloon!! Then we decided to have breakfast as both of us r quit starving. Of we went to the nearby eateries to have our breakfast. Later on we went to meet up with some old friends at the mall.. so how was ur weekend?? tell me what did u do today!! i would love to read ur story!!!

p/s: tips of the day - if u really want to see the hot air balloons, make sure to reach there at about 7am!!


  1. i enjoy looking at the picta and fantasizing about boarding on one..LOL

  2. hahaha!! jom mimpi sama2!! thanks 4 reading btw =)

  3. Hi Tim, no wonder we all pi 2PM hari tu all d balloons gone! Frust sgt, umm sedih sbb I wish my little girls can see big balloons than their usual birthday ballons.

  4. its ok, nx year nnt boleh dtg lg.. dtg b4 7am k, tp evening session pun ade jugak, at about 5pm kot dia lps kn belon2 tu, tapi if hujan mmg tk de la.. bulan 7 ni ade floria kt putrajaya, dtg la.. d kids must b excited to c all d flowers =)