Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1 Malaysia..

Mr Mani is one of the staff in SPK. He is a funny man but very particular when it comes to work. Maybe coz he reads a lot and has a lot of experience. I will only laughs at all of his comment coz all of it is funny. He will have something to say to me every time he saw me.. And I will just only laugh..

One day he saw me reading: your road map to success. He then told me that, at his age, the success to him is when you can leave a seed that will benefit others. I still remember till today and till the end of my life hopefully.

There is a time when he is so quit, did not talk much and no more funny comments. I wonder why. Later I find out that he is not well at that time.. The sickness had taken the real Mr. Mani away!!! But now he is back to normal.

Mr. KC is another guy that is friendly and always smiles. Still remember bout his voice when talking to the phone? It will be sooo loud..  but really love to hear it. As now, when he is gone to the site office, the office is so quite.

When talking with the suppliers, he will told then that he did not pick up the phone as he is driving. But the truth is, he is not driving at that time and will only take the driving license after a month… =)

I really learn to communicate with the other races, here, in Abu Dhabi. In Malaysia, I only mix with Malays. Here, I know the concept of 1 Malaysia even better..

P/s: Dear PM of Malaysia, can I be awarded for my entry regarding the concept of 1 Malaysia that is being practice out of the country?? =)

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